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• 07.22.09 12:00 pm

Remember when Palestinians were walking into Israeli cafes and blowing themselves up so hard that the only thing left of the building was some little four-year-old’s blood-stained Adidas?

“Just what the hell are you rebelling against?”
“I dunno, whaddya got?”
– Brando, The Wild One

Remember when Palestinians were walking into Israeli cafes and blowing themselves up so hard that the only thing left of the building was some little four-year-old’s blood-stained Adidas?

After each of these bombings, the murderer responsible was held up by his community as a martyr, a godlike hero, whose picture was set on an altar and lavished with jewels and praise. For weeks afterward, the family of the murderer basked in local celebrity, visited by neighbors and community leaders and showered with money and respect and love.

Watching these scenes unfold for a few years, the Israelis eventually had an innovative idea: why not combat this phenomenon with their own set of posthumous ramifications for the killer? Surely there was something they could do to at least force would-be suicide bombers to think twice.

So the Israelis, ruthless and ingenious and effective as they are, decided to start bulldozing the homes of every one of the attacker’s relatives that they could find. Their message to would-be suicide bombers was this: If you do it, your parents might still be worshiping your portrait, but they’ll be doing it from beneath a pile of rubble; see, while you’re getting blown by magic virgins, your kids and your parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins will still be in THIS world, and they’ll all be homeless.

You can bet that Amnesty International and Noam Chomsky had fucking heart attacks – but this strategy, when coupled with building a massive fucking wall around the entire country, eventually worked.

For the last five years I’ve been a father, and I increasingly see the world from that vantage point. When Dash Snow died last week, I became so angry I couldn’t think straight; I just kept thinking of his 2yo daughter, like Heath Ledger’s daughter, and Kurt Cobain’s daughter, and “even” Michael Jackson’s kids. My gut reaction was that Dash had been a selfish, infantile fuck who had left his daughter dadless while the art world jacked off and came on HIS face as it looked up from atop a stack of NY Posts.

When Dash died, my first instinct was the desire to bulldoze his spot. I didn’t want him to be lionized for his death – I didn’t want to watch him get the same treatment that gave Heath Ledger an Oscar and put Michael Jackson back into the top 40. I’m sick of people selfishly dying and leaving their little girls to grow up fatherless; I’m sick of rewarding this behavior by making these guys into legends.

I wished there was something I could do to make him look horrible – to bulldoze his whole fuckin place so that future dads would be so goddamn scared of how they’d look if they pulled that shit – so scared of DESTROYING their legacy, rather than becoming more powerful than any of us could imagine – that they’d be too scared to listen to Lou Reed, let alone shoot up.

But I don’t have that kind of power.

Dash hurt a lot of people when he died, but as it turns out, he had already gotten clean. He had made the commitment to himself and his daughter – He was OFF dope. Dash died accidentally, of the same
goddamn thing they all do: The Tolerance Trick.

We wrote about it last year for chrissakes, after Sam did his stupid fucking last-straw pushups. The Tolerance Trick: People quit junk, then when they inevitably relapse (and every goddamn person relapses bar NONE) they take the same amount they used to take, or half that amount, but their tolerance is so goddamn low that they go into cardiac arrest.

So Dash wasn’t selfish – he was just ill. Not ill meaning “off the hook” or “crazy cool,” but ill meaning sick – diseased, like anyone else who tries Heroin and happens to have the right brain chemistry to get addicted.

The very first time I smoked weed, I found out that my mom and Nancy Reagan were full of shit. The Just Say No campaign was one big pack of McCarthyistic hysterical bullshit lies. I swore I’d never fucking believe anti-drug propaganda (or the government, or my parents) again.

But nonetheless I look around, and damn, drugs are what killed all of my friends. I don’t have any real friends that died of terror attacks or car accidents or plane crashes or aids – all my friends that are dead died of drug overdoses. 4 smack, 1 crack, and now Dash Snow.

The problem is this: Trying smack once, if you’re the right person, is a death sentence. So why the fuck do people ever do it? For the answer to this, you need to look at our culture:

As a culture, and I’m talking about so-called hipster culture – YOU: The Cool Kids. Different cultures have different values, and our core value is the aspiration to “be hardcore.” That’s why:

– Cute little Arv makes videos of himself being punched in the face
– Sam did pushups on the hardest drugs imaginable
– We get fucked-up tatoos
– Dash took photos of heroin needles
– We elevate to heroic status people who have:
– been in a fistfight
– fucked a prostitute
– been to jail
– run from the NYPD in the middle of the night
– lit Christmas trees on fire
– destroyed Range Rovers
– done dope

We hold aloft our core value of “being hardcore” just as plainly as Christianity holds aloft its value of “being holy.”

Shooting heroin is the pinnacle of what is hardcore. There’s nothing more hardcore in the world – it’s so hardcore that the most hardcore of us say not to do it because it’s too hardcore. We see it as the forbidden fruit in the boring-ass garden of eden.

And that’s the only reason people in our scene fuck with it the first time. After that, you’re hooked, and there’s nothing you can do to stop. Rehab shmeehab, you’ll still go back to it – and if you forget
THE TRICK the way Dash did, then you can be dead.

99.99% of us don’t have the pain of Michael Jackson’s burn trauma – where NOTHING but heavy narcotics will dull the pain – so there’s no excuse for trying smack even once. ANY pain you have can be quelled by love, or at most, getting fucking shitfaced with Dr. Jameson.

My friends are Dash’s friends, and some of them are still on dope. Some of them are gonna die. I was discussing this with one of them yesterday, and here was his response:

“Whatever, Safety Fag.”

Ok. I know. I get it. Just keep going and do your thing.

I’m a gay faggot: I don’t value what’s Hardcore. I value love and family and health and art and pussy. Laugh it up, punkboy.

WE value being Hardcore, and that’s why WE keep dying young, and leaving our toddlers behind. WE rebel against a culture that worships the Jonas Brothers or Will Smith or Amerikkka or Money – but as long as we worship being hardcore, we’re going to see smack as the ultimate in hardcore, and WE are going to keep testing it, getting addicted, and dying.

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  1. Charles says:

    Whatever, if I lived in Brooklyn, I would be on smack 24/7. That place is a third world hellhole.

  2. dead mcmahon says:


  3. Anonymous says:

    “99.99% of us don’t have the pain of Michael Jackson’s burn trauma – where NOTHING but heavy narcotics will dull the pain – so there’s no excuse for trying smack even once”

    brilliant. ONLY michael jackson was in enough pain to excuse his insane use of drugs. stop being so ignorant. plenty of us have felt as much pain from fucked up, abusive lives but we still don’t get a pass for wasting ourselves into oblivion and neither should he.

  4. dead mcmahon says:

    you over simplify everything, everything isn’t as black and white as you make it out to be

  5. no.thanks says:

    alright, totally nailed something solid.

    this felt pretty sincere.

  6. T. Williams says:

    Fuck, leave it to BN to make this site and our niche seem ridiculously stupid.

    The good news is,

    – Everyone thought that the asian/arv punch video was a piece of shit.
    – The majority just wanted Sam to have to go to the hospital or become mentally handicapped.
    – Most laughed at Gavin when he said lighting christmas trees on fire and punching cars was cool.

  7. T. Williams says:

    i mean, yeah, it could be that, or maybe it just feels amazing…

  8. tommy gun says:

    “when you have kids you have to cut out the hard stuff and head home by midnight”. paraphrased from some guy you all know.

    it makes sense.

  9. Blogookie says:

    Why can’t we just hold hands?
    Maybe take a stroll in the park on a nice day while eating ice cream?

  10. tommy gun says:

    @Val – ice cream rules.

  11. SARS says:

    don’t be a retard.
    I’ve seen some terrible shit on account of this… just don’t do it. If you have that little respect for yourself, just kill yourself and be done with it. Don’t drag out your own personal hell and force your loved ones to put up with your accelerated dying. Its fucking sad.



  13. ty says:

    “ruthless and ingenious and effective”

  14. Neezy says:

    Yeah, heroin’s a pretty selfish thing to do, and most people who like it don’t see the value in “doing just a little bit” or “just getting a little high” off it. So I think it’s fine to get mad at someone who just belligerently goes down that path, with fuck-all attitude to think of consequences. It’s a damn shame in almost all cases — can’t think of anyone being cheered on for fucking their lives off of junk. I used to do heroin, and I know I fucked a lot of shit up from doing it. You don’t really think of consequences when you’re in it. I thought I was managing my life and doing dope, but just like Burroughs said, my life was really just dope and everything else was dope-related. So, I speak from experience, and no I don’t consider myself being elevated for having done it.

    However, the relapse rate is pretty fucking high, you’re right… But it’s not insurmountable. I mean, I’m clean now for the time being. It’s a fucking seductive drug, and I know I’d probably still love it, but I don’t want to go back to it today.

    Why you gotta hate on rehab?

  15. SARS says:

    there comes a point when rebelling becomes conformity too and that is fuckin lame

  16. to gun says:

    this is the stupidest thing you ever wrote. why don’t you stick to your weed and hand jobs from college girls. fucking IT nerd.

  17. Preck_ says:

    Nooooo Derek!! No to stopping the herroins. No. Keep doing th herroins! It is ultimate eassier for YOU America to kill your self. It is more efficent then for us to send the dead trucks to do it.

    It is OKKAY to do herroins, America. it make you smart and artistic and philossophicals just like us monster dragon China cultures!

    Keeping to kill selfs, peoples. It OKKAY!

    fRom Preck!

  18. SARS says:

    GAVIN – remove this dumb fuck forever?!? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

  19. tommy gun says:

    whoa JANG – even by ur standards that was excellent excellent work – lmfao @ “WELL IF A MAGIC MAN IN THE SKY PROMISES YOU SOME THING, WELL I BET YOUR GOING TO FIGHT FOR IT.”

  20. FUCK says:

    blognigger ftw.

  21. vegan jules says:

    at least it wasn’t Sam Meteer.

  22. Dork says:

    Luckily heroin wasn’t a thing where I live, but Larry Clark and a ton of my friends all have Hep-C from shooting speed in the 70s. I’ve lost a few friends lately to liver failure, etc due to complications.

    Psychedelics are the drug of choice, now. Sweet!

  23. ty says:

    @JANG: Whoa, I’m from LA and old as fuck. A magic man and a man with a skyhook promised me some championships…. Fuck, dude. And we did fight for that shit…we beat Reginald Denny like crazy.

    Ha! I’m so high right now.

    I’d better call 9-1-111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111

  24. Dough Boy says:

    bn is the only one with the balls to cal it. what else is new.

    the best part is watching all the smackheads complain

  25. white power says:

    when you’re 27 you are at the height of your most destructive and selfish behavior patterns. whether you have children or no children you’re still selfish and unwise. but at the same time you’re just wise enough to spray your name on the brooklyn bridge. FOREVER. but not so wise that you don’t party your fucking face off. some of us die accidentally as a result of our immaturity. being hardcore doesn’t always mean being raw or anti-social or johnny thunders. being hardcore is facing up to your responsibilities as an adult man. or WO-man.

  26. Professor Mudbutt says:

    Heroin’s on decline anyway, pills are the new shit. You are losing your street cred, nigga.

  27. homeless. says:

    “Psychedelics are the drug of choice, now. Sweet!”

    You know it.

    Heard the thunder in vermont on acid and mushrooms, it shattered my heart

  28. homeless. says:

    Heroin will never be on the decline.

  29. lol@u says:

    Psychadelics are shit, it will always be the fucking blood highs like heroine that are cool. People don’t want to fuck up their minds they want to fuck up their bodies.

  30. @homeless says:

    word, right? haven’t you seen the wire?

  31. derka derka says:

    herion sucks. worst. drug. ever.
    i tried it three times and all it did was make my head feel hot.
    now who’s fucking ‘ardcore mate!

    i’ll stick with weed and interwebs prons.

  32. Filthy Lucretius says:

    Needed to be said, BN.

    You can be renegade and live in whatever glorious fucked up way you want–until you have a kid. Then you’ve gotta man up and clean up, or you got no business pretending to have anything worthwhile to do with human society. Cause you gotta be there to help mold those little shitsquirts into something resembling a fully formed being. If there’s any such thing as obligation in this world, that’s it.

    Yes, Dash was sick, not selfish. But exalting him for the lifestyle that led to his sickness misses that point. And doing a bump and getting wasted for 48 hours to honor the memory of someone who’s just left a child fatherless is perhaps also missing that point. Howabout saying “there but for the grace of whoever cuts my shit” and hugging your kid? Cause you know that he missed Daddy every minute of the 48 hours that you were wasted in Dash’s memory.

    Gavin’s posts after Dash’s death were disturbing because, despite the fact that he says that fighting with the POlice and getting dumb tattoos and setting Christmas trees on fire is getting it, Gavin actually does get it. Like when he writes, “If he had just continued to this next phase: The Fatherhood phase. He would see how much fun life can be and how trivial all the shit in the previous phases are. If you are a young wastoid who sees this as all there is please now there is a whole other UNIVERSE out there after you cum in a girl. The previous shit isn’t irrelevant. It’s part of the whole process. But the next part rules…”

    I thought about posting to that effect at the time, but I’m just a dumbass lurker and a safety fag dad, and I got nothing to add to dialogue here. And I was kinda thinking you might say it better anyway. And damnit, there you go.

    I’ve sent Gavin’s “hey kids don’t do smack” post to something like two dozen of my friends over the last year because it’s the shit, maybe the most compelling and best-written case for bleaching your inner works on these internets. And you know something? I think it just might’ve saved one or two of those boneheads from some form of suicide.

    Only Gavin just seems to have forgotten much of it in his paean to Dash. Which is reasonable and understandable when you’ve just had some kick-in-the-sac bad news. But it shouldn’t be the last word on the subject. Now maybe this post is.

  33. homeless. says:

    @homeless says


  34. fuck says:

    no actually BN has some points here, people are devastated. im really angry about what happening around me, shit hasnt been right.

  35. Idontknowbut says:

    this is something i have thought about many times, and i couldnt agree more. our society values self indulgence and suicidal behaviour. thats why in 50 years there will be nothing left of it.

  36. Donkey Kong says:

    Once again he does it. thank you.

  37. White Powder says:

    No! I will not be foresaken!!!! You celebrity Hotrods NEED me!!!

  38. Brown Powder says:

    …and don’t forget about me either!!!

  39. . says:

    Good article.

    But bulldozing houses isn’t effective.
    That’s the kind of thing that gets Hamas elected.

  40. Heroin Addiction says:

    It’s evolution, baby

  41. Europe (The Band) says:

    I agree with PReck.

  42. FAILFAG says:

    Yea yea.. Parents you should also stop eating saturated fats, stop smoking cigarettes, stop drinking alcohol, oh and stop driving in cars. ITS DANGEROUS DONT DO IT. I’m not gonna say heroin is great and go ahead if you have kids, boot that shit, maybe have ’em hold the needle, but where do you start drawing the line. If you think about it, MANY of our parents are addicted to opiates. Maybe it’s your grandma with her vicodin, or your dad with his back surgery that needs his percocet, etc… matter of fact, those drugs are just as dangerous, if not more so, because of the acetaminophen combo.

    I think these pop culture figures aren’t being celebrated because of their drug use, but because of the art they made in spite of the drug use and or hard times they faced. Who knows why Dash Snow started spiking shit, but celebrate the art he made, not the mistakes he chose to make.

  43. he Freedom to Sleep on the Forehead

  44. vegan jules says:

    Blognigger is the heroin for people addicted to obvious things concisely stated with a little humor.

  45. A Really Large Penis says:

    Vegan Jules should quit commenting and start sucking on me instead. Everyone wins.

  46. vegan jules says:

    Dash Snow was Pete Doherty w/ (amazingly) less talent a rich and influential family

    still want to lionize him?


  47. Heather says:

    but I’m sure we could argue for hours about what you mean by the “universal hologram”

  48. ? ? says:

    I am yours! It will always be so! May your heart cool off for me May your understanding… compassion… I have experienced your great punishment

  49. Wack-boy says:

    Nothing sadder than and ageing hipster masturbating to his own blog posts.

  50. Vane$$a says:

    Damn. I was hoping for something on Henry Louis Gates or whatever. They’re finally starting to pump some new life into the “we want a race war” angle. You realize that in 30 second blurb media time Dash Snow died like 3 centuries ago, right? Yeah, I feel sorry for his kid, but just think of what the police have done to that poor elitist black man.

  51. Wack-boy says:

    Best part was the title, “we”, now that shit is funny.

  52. Wack-boy says:

    masturbating to her own blog posts.

  53. […] 1. Why We Keep Dying. I’m not cool enough to know who Dash Snow was, but apparently he died and a lot of people have things to say about it. This is an interesting blog post on how drugs keep killing people off in “the scene” and how angry the writer was at Dash for leaving a daughter behind. […]

  54. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  55. Janie says:

    This is the most truthful thing that has been said of our fucking generation. Hands fucking down.

  56. Tom Cocks says:


  57. ??? says:

    Yeah! What he said…

  58. Banker says:

    This. Let’s be done with this decade of us, now.

  59. xavier says:

    damn straight

  60. XTC Gastro Nightmare says:

    I remember when I was real young and got all upset over some dude dying. This prompted my “fun uncle” to pull me to the side and say: “You better get used to people dying. It’s going to happen all the time, and they’re usually going to be a lot more important to you than some distant figure in a magazine. Besides, you don’t want to go through life as some weepy, melodramatic twat who appears to be milking other people’s grief for pity or some other type of sad profit, do you?”

    He was right. The sanctity of life is a massive fraud. Celebrate the dead and move on. I use death and its inherent fake sadness and pity routine to keep assholes from fucking with me, but that’s it. Do what you want and live life with no fear. If I had kids, I’d fucking hate them if they expected me to do anything else, and I’d fully expect them to hate me if I rendered myself yet another miserable, frightened parent who can’t burn white because he’s afraid for anyone’s well being. I see what you’re saying, and maybe understand, but kids or no kids, I don’t ever want to be a pussy and I sure as shit don’t ever want to be without my self-prescribed meds. Sanctimonious fux like you will never get it. You have a couple of kids and you think you’re a man. I’ve never done drugs to rebel, I’ve done them for fun and to kill the massive pain. People act hardcore because they ARE hardcore, you fucking dumbass, and if they act hardcore without being hardcore, are they worth saving or are they just stupid? There’s no value in it, it just is. I think you’re so wrong. I also think you should stay out of other people’s business. And of course, when i read what you say, I fully realize that it only applies to people you like. What a phony. Human cruelty has fucked more people than any drugs ever will. I wonder how many people have found themselves on the wrong end of you and your scene’s social critiques and wanted to do themselves on the spot? How do you reconcile with that?

    So fuck you maaaaaan. You got no credibility with me. Your fucking morality makes me yearn for a triple dose, and I’d bet a million dollars that your wounded ego would at least consider buying it for me, all because you think someone offended you on the internet. What a cunt. No respect. Stick to reading IP addresses. Why don’t you try bringing some fun and love into people’s lives? You sound like a real asshole right about now.

  61. So What? says:

    So what if Jesus died on the cross.
    So what about the fucker, I don’t give a toss.

  62. swing-atcha says:

    If Dash wasn’t so photogenic, nobody would care. What about Semz? Where were all his artsy eulogies?

    I will say that the The Golden Dashyll was a pretty fun guy, and therefore I’m sorry I had to beat the shit out of him back in 2003 after he pulled his dick in my girlfriend’s face. Those are the rules, buddy.

  63. Maynard says:

    i was just talking to one of my old club friends about this last night. he was remarking on “how do people ever start on that shit?!” i said that the reason why us peoples (we’ve both worked in the club business for over 2 decades) ever do heroin for the first time is because its the great taboo. he thought that was hilarious, but had no counterpoint… i just think we must be lucky to be approaching 40, still in the biz and not dead yet. god bless the rest of yall and us.

  64. Hardcore says:

    What the fuck ever you pussy.

  65. Beef says:

    They do it to be, “hardcore.” Faggots.

  66. Mr. Don't says:

    You realize that not everyone has to have kids in order to not be a completely selfish asshole, right? I love it when new parents who used to be the biggest assholes in the world start lecturing the world about sacrifice and toeing the line for their fellow human beings. What a complete load of bloated ego horseshit.

  67. […] not by everyone! Excluding Gawker commenters, one of the harshest appraisals of Dash’s legacy came from this Blognigger post today, which says that glorification of people like Dash Snow is one of the main reason people will […]

  68. One Kitty says:

    Being genuine hardcore transcends your annoying use of the term “value.” Do you think the war vet with no face places a lot of value on being hardcore? Fuck you and fuck your phony rant that would only inspire the most shallow of hipsters to sit back and say…”yeaaaaaaaaaaah, dead on bro.”

  69. lol@u says:

    what’s the over / under on “xtc gastro nightmare’s” years left to live?

    ill take the under

  70. Simon Iff says:


  71. Anonymous says:

    my word, but i really enjoyed what xtc gastro shared here. surprisingly insightful and heartfelt as well as dead-on.

  72. drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    @XTC Gastro Nightmare

    Obviously the ranting of some spun out 16 year old. I’m surprised he didn’t segue into a diatribe supporting “total fucking anarchy man!”. Dangerously stupid.

  73. woke smeed says:

    Ahahahaha gotta love these junkies defending their habits…. Fight the power XTC! right on mannnnnn

  74. XTC GN says:

    Who said that I’m a junky? I don’t remember saying that I’m a junky. Pull the quote. This goes well beyond junky or no junky. I’m calling this motherfucker out for being boring and wrong and worst of all…a fake.

  75. BN fan107 says:

    This post rocked!

  76. mr.meat says:

    Anybody could be that girl’s father now. What the fuck? She’s still young enough to where it doesn’t even matter. I don’t believe in that argument about “selfish suicide” or “suicidal/overdose/dead is dead accidents” leaving a poor child fatherless/motherless, when its like this. Its selfish for other living parents to think this way.

  77. QuoteFingers says:

    For all its glibness, BN makes a good point. But, to make the logic of “hardcore” seeking asceticism/hedonism seem somehow, I don’t know, obvious is patently unfair. I spent my time at the tracks with horse. It was never something I actively sought out. It was just something that I was open to trying, once, that eventually metastasized into a full-blown habit. I got clean, eventually, and now have a few years distance on those godawful months. I won the lottery compared to most of my friends that were involved in that scene. A few died. One is in jail. A handful are still on tar. And I imagine all of us have daytime tremens delirium of having something so powerful lord over us, even if just for a few months or years.

    The entire time I did heroin, I was ashamed beyond belief. It was never something to boast about. It was something to keep locked away, hidden. The few times I was ever confronted while high were some of the most deeply humiliating experiences of my humiliation-rich life. For all the talk of “heroin taking the pain away” I was, as with my experience with all opiates, an emotional trainwreck. Having your best friends stare right into your needle-sized pupils and (rightfully) lay into you about their disappointment is pretty painful, even if you can’t feel anything physically.

    My heart goes out to Dash and his family. Heroin addiction is ugly–so ugly that it could cause a successful artist and father to relapse in a locked bathroom of a hotel room. This was clearly not something that he was proud of, or embraced with some put-on Sid Vicious in-your-face sneer. There was no party atmosphere. There was no hamster nest. No McGinleys or Colens. This was not an act of nihilistic hedonist excess, but one self-immolating contrition.

    I think BN was right to post this, just as I agree with Gavin’s post a while back. Heroin can seem so exotic, so sexy, so interesting and incredible from far away, but when you finally get close, when you’re finally in it, it is terrifying, ugly and sad.

  78. mr.meat says:

    hahahaha @XTC – you dont get it genius – you dont have to SAY you’re a junkee – shit son, you probs dont even KNOW it. but it’s obvious to the grownups, sorry cuz

  79. HOMO says:

    I like how none of you care about or jock dash.. yet there are like 9million comments. fuck all of you haters, and sleep well dash, I miss you.

  80. mr.meat says:

    you are not me 07.22.09 at 9:47pm

    type in you own name, next time.

  81. Mordicai says:

    In a perfect world I’d be able to say “Dash who?”

  82. Not if you were the last junkie says:

    @dead mcmahon:

    Sorry…it really is this black and white. Big ups to BN for this…I’m grateful someone finally said this.

    It is not “complicated,” and there are no fucking excuses or free passes for people like Snow. If you compare his “suffering” with that of children in Afghanistan, Iraq or Darfur…the guy is (rightly) recast in a totally different light as the coward and douchebag he was.

    How do I know? I’m a miserable piece of shit scumbag drug addict from San Francisco, born and raised.

    People…don’t try to tell me I “don’t know” or whatever faggot ass excuses are on your mind for Snow. I have not had a hard life in the economic sense. And I don’t get high because of my inner pain, my mental health diagnosis, because uncle Bob touched my schlong or any other reason. I get high because I really fucking like to get high, and I tell myself the most unbelievable lies every day to make it somehow okay that my life has been a total waste of time.

    I’ve been getting high since the day Jodi Foster’s boyfriend tried to kill Ronald Reagan. In fact, that coincidence was so ridiculous and funny that I thought it was a sign from God to try every drug on the planet. I ought to look like a 99 year old mummy and I honestly don’t know why I am alive sometime. I’m afraid to see an x-ray of my lungs.

    Drug addicts, get the fuck over yourselves. Heroin users especially…take a look at your useless waste of a life, realize that you are spoiled little shithead babies and get off your fake rock and roll pedestals.

    I don’t feel sorry for you. I feel sorry for my neighbor from Irag who’s missing half his face.


  83. Frank says:

    My world is perfect enough for me to honestly say “Dash who?” (as well as Sam, and nearly every other name dropped, and I wish I didn’t know the ones I do).

    I stopped reading after the fifth response. You people don’t know shit about this topic, and that goes for BN as well (said topic being why people fuck themselves with dope…I have no doubt BN’s feelings are utterly sincere, and I respect that).

    People shoot dope because it feels good. If you like weed or similar things, heroin is the be-all, end-all (and yes, I speak from years of experience).

    People who do dope with regularity are not sick, they’re just sad and weak. But that’s their problem. I can’t evaluate the value and/or depth of another’s pain, and neither can you.

    Selfish? Sure. Heartbreaking? Probably. The only thing you can do for these damaged weaklings is cut them off. Let them know that if they want to go off and be scumbag junkies, big up on them for being so dedicated, but you’re not going to have fuck all to do with them ever again.

    Sometimes they come around. Sometimes they don’t. Whatever. I made it out. Fuck those who didn’t/couldn’t.

    And fuck Brooklyn, too. I gave up on NYC when it became a satellite dorm for Oberlin.

  84. Vane$$a says:


  85. PUDDLE PUFF says:


    Did you just tell all this children the most hardcore thing to do is too shiittt up?
    I always thought robbing a bank or killin’ a ( ) was the most hardcore thing.
    Shittin it up seems like keeping the trophy you got in t-ball as in HARDCOR E WISE but wadda I know, I’m just a burb kid .. .. . . HA!

  86. PUDDLE PUFF says:

    OHHHHHuuummmppppp just thought of another one there blog nig. How about SnatchN’ Grab or kicking down the door to a fucking house in the WHITE section. Wouldn’t that be more hardcore cause I HA VE .. . . ahem . . .. we have never particpated in that kind-o shit ever. BAD karma upon thee 4 dat SHIT!!!!!!

  87. HOMO says:

    that picture doesn’t even look like him..

  88. bj says:

    …..aaaaaaaaaand i think that about wraps it up for my generation.

    end of the decade already, if you havent figured out what u do / done it yet, its too late.

    (u have about 5 months left to try and do whatever it is you think you might be able to do if only you had the time etc. other than that – its a wrap, & now we have to just wait around for the 10 year olds to hit 17 and create a whole new everything)

    i like iraq crew. bon voyage mr snow.

  89. Mark says:

    I love this post – sure you can poke holes in it. But I’m getting tired of this generations continued efforts towards demonstrating just how little they give a shit about anything. it’s like an “i don’t give a shit” contest, and doing heroin is the crowning achievement of the i-don’t-give-a-shitters. how did apathy end up becoming so fucking exalted?

  90. lionel hutts says:

    damn nigger, you just made like a billion internet dollars with this and it is blooming across the web like a flower of truth and honest sense; with any luck you’ll save someone from a similar and agonizing and lonely fate. my friend also died last week. i got so fucked up at her wake that i left my bag on the subway coming home. i felt even worse that i was more angry that i had just fucked off my ipod and sunglasses that i went straight to a pub and order four tequilas. self-destruction in general is an attempt to grasp a deep pain we have no sensible human response too. acting out like gavin and any other degenerate like me is a natural and pitiful human response to these tragedies. we should all wise up

  91. vaughanbell says:

    Applied game theory

  92. Dashster says:

    Dudes?! What’s going on? I was just sleeping…

  93. Mark says:

    its just so sad. its so sad. its all so sad.

  94. ew world order says:

    i got 99 comments but a bitch aint one.

  95. jimbo says:

    This is why I’m in favor of reinstating the draft. All you wannabees in brooklyn, with your hardcoreness, take a trip through a war zone or the slums of any third world country, then realize how ridiculous you look to anyone who has been to either.

  96. french guy says:

    i love the comments on this website.

  97. Mrs Algernon Stitch says:

    A big reason why heroin is so ‘hardcore’ are the heroin myths – which this article unfortunately perpetuates…

    If fucking up your body is ‘hardcore’, then taking heroin is far from the worst thing you can do to fuck your body up. Unlike (once again) stated in this article, trying heroin once doesn’t make anyone an addict. Even trying it a few times doesn’t make you an addict; doing it occasionally every few months doesn’t, either. Taking the drug every other day for a couple of months might. But until you’re actually, you know, an *addict* – with a physical and psychological dependency on a drug – your agency is still intact and every fucked-up decision you make is still *your* fucked-up decision.

    The fact that so many of the author’s friends have died from heroin just says that the writer knows many addicts, and possibly suicidal addicts, but statistically speaking, relatively few people die from heroin overdose alone, and heroin itself isn’t even all that toxic. Even long-term regular use doesn’t cause all that much damage to the internal organs or the brain (though obviously OD’ing does, as well as bad hygiene in IV use). Alcohol does a lot more damage; even a moderate use of cocaine can damage the heart; and a lot of pills do a great deal of lasting damage when used in doses they weren’t intended for. But the most significant side-effect of opiates and opioids is ‘only’ the addiction itself.

    Depressed people, people trying to cope with unfortunate circumstances, or people who are otherwise self-medicating find it hard to quit *any* drug because the psychological dependence is stronger, but opiates and opiate derivatives should actually be one of the easiest to quit, especially when you have access to the right resources. Withdrawal is certainly no fun, but heroin’s withdrawal period is shorter and less unpleasant, not to mention less dangerous, than withdrawal from (say) heavy use of alcohol or sleeping pills – unlike them, heroin withdrawal can’t kill you, it doesn’t give you seizures, it isn’t as likely to make you psychotic, etc. And yet heavy-duty alcoholics and sleeping pill addicts get over it all the time.

    So why the fuck aren’t sleeping pills the ‘hardcore’ thing to do? I haven’t met anyone as hardcore as my middle-aged mother, who was addicted to zolpidem and took 200 pills a day at worst. Being asleep around 20 hours a day is as HARDCORE as you can get, man. It’s, like, wasting your life *literally*. That’s the best way ever to show the universe that you just don’t give a shit.

    Heroin addicts are boring to be around, and even though opiates make you feel good, they certainly don’t make you feel like a party animal (except maybe somewhere in your own dreamworld). Stimulating the imagination is actually a rather rare side-effect so an artist taking up heroin use seems to me a rather bad idea. I imagine the main reason young people become addicts – as opposed to just trying how the drug feels – is that they seem to believe they are making THE CHOICE(tm) by taking heroin the first time, and blissfully eat up the whole associated lifestyle and the whole idea of themselves as drug martyrs and fallen angels, carrying their trackmarks like stigmata. For a large part, heroin is hard to quit because heroin is said to be hard to quit. People tell you it’s dangerous (so you do it); they tell you a certain sort of people do it (so you hang out with those certain sort of people, making it harder for you to quit); they tell you’ll be shunned (so you start shunning your old friends, making it harder for you to quit); they tell you you’re doomed now (and that’s what made it so rad in the first place).

    What about the non-edgy, non-hardcore, middle-class opiate and opioid addicts out there? The ones who aren’t tragically homeless, tragically hip, or tragically rich? They just take the drug – some manage ‘moderate’ drug use just fine, and if they stop functioning they end up in rehab. Most of them survive. A lot of them manage to quit, and most of those who can’t probably have some underlying psychiatric problem that never gets addressed.

    Why is it always a *certain type* of heroin addict that ends up dead?

    (Disclaimer: I’m not defending heroin use, I’m just sick of this age-old idea of heroin as a mysterious angel of death seducing sensitive people to their untimely graves. It’s the *idea* that is seductive, and it’s such a convenient excuse to boot. Heroin is only the synthetic version of the same drug that was used as a cold medicine in the 18th century, except that they had no rehabs back then. That’s how rad it is. Doesn’t it make you feel special?)

  98. vegan jules says:

    Dear StreetCarnage,

    I would appreciate it if you could identify the fucking prick responsible for commandeering my username on the numerous recent occasions below. It is putting a bit of a sour note into my StreetCarnage experience. His comments attempt to sound like me but without being at all cool, while being halfway intelligent, and never witty. Seriously man, why is this dude trying to give me a hard time day in, day out? Shit is fucked up.
    Thank you,

    Vegan Jules

    • vegan jules Says:
    07.22.09 at 4:57 pm
    Blognigger is the heroin for people addicted to obvious things concisely stated with a little humor.

    • vegan jules Says:
    07.22.09 at 5:13 pm
    Dash Snow was Pete Doherty w/ (amazingly) less talent a rich and influential family
    still want to lionize him?

    LETTER FROM The Real World: Date Night
    vegan jules Says:
    07.14.09 at 1:48 pm
    Yeah! And, what’s the deal with airline food?

    vegan jules Says:
    07.13.09 at 6:44 pm
    totally malkovich

    • vegan jules Says:
    07.10.09 at 3:59 pm
    You had me at “I’m not flying down here anymore!”

    • vegan jules Says:
    07.09.09 at 1:18 pm
    let’s talk about me more.

    • vegan jules Says:
    07.09.09 at 10:01 am
    Blognigger, don’t let ‘em get you down, DONT TAKE NOT SHIT FROM NOBODY. Besides, I heard some people don’t even read every comment on here.

    • vegan jules Says:
    07.07.09 at 4:11 pm
    i can’t wait for the blognigger follow-up

  99. vegan jules says:

    Unfortunately, vegan jules, it seems to happen to everyone and I think in a lot of cases it isn’t even malicious – more likely an oversight or pure laziness. I’m not vegan jules, but at the moment this reply box insists that I am, in fact, vegan jules. And at the moment, I’m too lazy to come up with another moniker. See what I mean?

    I don’t know whether it’s a bug on this site, or whether StreetCarnage does it on purpose to mix things up

  100. vegan jules says:

    to vegan jules: get a life.

    to Mrs Algernon Stitch: you too.

  101. blognigger says:

    “That picture doesn’t even look like him”

    Ha. That’s why I used it. You already expect him to look like the Lone Rager or Gandalf or some shit u seen on the internet: “The Legend of Dash Snow.” Nah, that’s him right there, SaceIRAK RIP.

  102. Mr. Boo and Madame Hoo says:

    This dude is preaching to the choir. Take yer beef to Irvine Welsh and Ewan McGregor.

  103. BRAIN AIDS says:

    Hardcore is dead

  104. chloeisababy says:

    hipsters do not equal hardcore. Have you walked around the lower east side? They’re just too pussy to do heroin in their bright colored rim non prescription eyeglasses, maybe cocaine but definitely not heroin.

    PS I had no idea that heroin was still going strong in the underground scene.

  105. vegan jules says:

    Oh, man, it’s been so worth it to see that I chronicle each account of someone posting under my name, hasn’t it? Could I be more of an asshole? I mean, I’ve branded myself here in this important part of the internet and I don’t want to see my brand sullied or diluted. I’m really happy with this outcome.

  106. Street Boning says:

    excellent post bnig

  107. HOMO the unofficial says:

    that’s funny BN, I think it’s his because his eyebrows aren’t all raised.. he must be real drunk or something. it’s always funny to see him without a bunch of tattoos. kunle once said at his pad “so like, you’re just getting a bunch of random little pictures everywhere huh?” I think he started doing that, then it turned into just words and phrases everywhere. the last 2 he showed me were “ACAB (all cops are bastards)” and “give me head till I’m dead” that silly lil’ guy..

  108. Dork says:

    I think that Gawker just picked a fight:

  109. jay ay ones says:

    What does IRAK think of this post? did anyone show them?

  110. grimey says:

    way to steal my insightful commentary about being hardcore, blacknutter

    Brandon Vedas! wiki that dude

  111. ferdydurke says:

    I don’t think there is anyway to explain this kind of shit and especially to you, no offense. You don’t seem like an addict, BN. There is something compelling about self destruction, even as we know it hurts us and those around us. Walk into any twelve step dancehall and all this shit will seem very familiar to those in recovery.

    The other issue is the fact that so many of these people doing this shit are self-aware and self-conscious and facebook marketing their own hardcore bad selves in away that is only slightly more cutting edge than hot topic. A lot of this art scene – for all the casualities involved – is pretty tame and been there stuff. Fluxus was doing this excrement stuff back before warhol commodified his silkscreened soup cans. You may have liked this guy, but his stuff is pretty derivative and – at this point in our cultural history – more marketing than avant garde. The scene substitutes for the substance. At one point an artist shooting up or other forms of using was arguably a revolutionary act, now it’s just another face of addiction – and a pretty lame one if it’s someone trying to get their hardcore cred.

    this guy says it better, at the end of the day

    “The Edge… there is no honest way to explain it because the only people who really know where it is are the ones who have gone over. The others–the living–are those who pushed their control as far as they felt they could handle it, and then pulled back, or slowed down, or did whatever they had to when it came time to choose between Now and Later.”
    Hunter S Thompson

  112. not vegan jules says:

    Thank you for your passion BN. I’m 26, have 9 years sober and have seen more people die of OD’s and other drug related shit than i have known to actually stay sober. i hope to fucking god i get to continue to live a sober life and die sober.

  113. vegan jules says:

    I’m not Vegan Jules, either.

  114. PersonGirl says:

    Love the BN usually, but come on; doing smack isn’t about being edgy or cool or anything, or (conversely) dealing with the horrific pain of life or some shit, it’s about being a COWARD and not facing shit.

  115. HOMO the unofficial says:

    stop debating about someone you don’t know, he was a dude, and he died, fuck..

  116. lol@u says:

    And I thought hardcore was busting nuts like Ron Jeremy… yeah you had a friend who died from H, welcome to the huge ass club.

  117. badteeth says:

    FUCK! Blognigger needs to go!!!!!!!!!!!!! Every post has irritated me ever since his little mental breakdown at the start of this year.. Pure dogshit.. but I guess it’s my fault for still reading his posts

  118. HOMO the unofficial says:


    yeah, ok. This piece burned down the internet, got posted on gawker, and was probably read by 100k people. Get rid of blognigger and lets just read more Olek posts about poopy!

  119. Dr. Furious says:

    long live BN

  120. wild rose says:

    Fluxus did shit first and Dash is decorative potpourri, yet his cocaine record player would look great in both my bathroom or the met. I see his work as more of a take on J. Bueys stuff.

  121. […] WE value being Hardcore, and that’s why WE keep dying young, and leaving our toddlers behind. WE rebel against a culture that worships the Jonas Brothers or Will Smith or Amerikkka or Money – but as long as we worship being hardcore, we’re going to see smack as the ultimate in hardcore, and WE are going to keep testing it, getting addicted, and dying.” part of a post about dash snow on street carnage. […]

  122. […] 1. Why We Keep Dying. I’m not cool enough to know who Dash Snow was, but apparently he died and a lot of people have things to say about it. This is an interesting blog post on how drugs keep killing people off in “the scene” and how angry the writer was at Dash for leaving a daughter behind. […]

  123. street cloud says:

    the comments on this make me realize how reactionary and unintelligent people are on this site. it’s sad. good for SC for speaking truth.

    death matters.

    i pity the fool.

  124. notnyc says:

    it must be tough not too shoot dope when the sun rises depends on each and everyone of you.geez.

  125. notnyc says:

    i mean IF the sun rises, depends on all of you. sorry-i was nodding.

  126. xcokekidsnycx says:

    dash was a trust fund kid. like most of nyc “kids” i imagine. who fucking cares.
    i was pretty sure all you trust funders were robots? so whats the big deal?
    ryan mcginnley is still alive!
    he was making work that looked like 70 year old dada crap, or coke polaroids.

  127. Annicha says:

    […] 11, 2009 by CC You gotta read this; even if you’re not into youth culture, not into (or aware of) drug culture, or not really […]

  128. Whatever says:

    Who cares.

  129. PAOLO says:


  130. Anonymous says:

    based on the commenters, street carnage = future/current b/tards

  131. ......ll///// says:

    rip sace….shit happens

  132. Pablo Dickasso says:

    Hey Vegan Jules, why don’t you quit yer whinin’ and just post under a new name. Your comments aren’t even that clever.

  133. dec says:

    the pointing fingers at the Palestinians is a pretty stupid assessment of the situation.

  134. space drank says:

    this is even more true now. 🇺🇸

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