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• 11.28.17 08:24 pm


I think it’s about time men got off their high horses and quit shitting on women for reading gossip magazines. If they were really looking for someone to criticize over their choice in reading material they ought to look in the mirror. Don’t most guys read sports illustrated or some stupid 21st century internet version of it? That’s all those things are anyways, a gussied-up gossip magazine dedicated to sports.

Do men think we actually give a shit about the women in gossip magazines or are they just projecting themselves onto us? I couldn’t care less who Prince Harry marries and how many pounds Kirstie Alley gains. I’m only trying to keep myself entertained, while getting my gossip fix, without coming off like the biggest bitch in my group of friends. Although, that would be pretty hard to do. Men honestly give a shit about sports.

I can’t think of anything dumber than caring about a professional sports franchise. Having a child, putting them in youth soccer, and then physically assaulting a father of a child on the other team makes perfect sense. It may be a little over the top but it’s still totally reasonable. An adult male who wears a jersey with another man’s name on it and plans his entire week around the guy’s games on the other hand is going too far.

Gossip magazines help women with their lives. They’re perfect for helping a young lady figure out if she’s making the right decision or, convincing herself that she did. The things are filled with crazy stories about people dealing with all sorts of hardships in their lives. A girl can take those situations, how the celebrities dealt with them, the results and then, maybe apply them to what’s going on in her own life. Or, compare and contrast them with something that’s already happened to give her a better perspective on things. It’s better than depending on some shitty ‘friends’ to give their opinions or hear them through the grapevine. All guys are doing by following sports is keeping up with a bunch of thugs and criminals playing a children’s game.

Don’t get the wrong idea, there are more than enough women out there who hold strong opinions about the personal lives of people they don’t know or, could give a crap about them in return. It doesn’t even come close to the way it does with men and sports though. Plenty of gals hold an allegiance to certain celebrities for some reason or the other and hate others, who they’re apparently feuding with. But I’ve never happened upon another woman with a Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie tattoo. Unfortunately, I’ve come across too many men with team logos drawn permanently on their skin.

It’s one thing if a guy is into sports because he has a son or a father who he doesn’t know how to communicate with and that’s all they have. After a while they should really find something to talk about, or else those games are going to get pretty awkward pretty fast. Other than that, and going to their own child’s games, there’s really no excuse for adult men to be such fanatics about boys playing sports. Unless they’re pedophiles. Gossip magazines on the other hand allow me to laugh at famous people, whose lives are falling apart, instead of my friends who I know are laughing behind my back.


  1. Orenthal J. Weinstein says:

    Sports periodicals used to have more dignity and challenging prose not to be confused with such belle-lettristic feats as “BRANGELINA’S UNTAMED VA-JAY-JAY” etc. However, the old sports scene has been significantly bitchified, ever since broads complained & sued their way into the business. Chicks ruin everything, eventually

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