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• 11.24.15 02:24 pm

We talked to Milo about his recent article, “Why I’m Winning.” 

The American Indian thing is something I stole from my wife’s jewelry drawer which pissed her off and makes every person I walk past recoil in appropriational horror.

  1. meatface says:

    this interview proves milo doesnt like cocaine enough

  2. Sniffy says:

    Gavin, I hope your wife doesn’t drink alcohol.

  3. Lancelot Lotlot says:

    He is good value that Milo but Gavin you need to interject more and stop him from rambling on and on. Some guests need to be told to pipe down.
    However It pains me to admit it but the English do have some of the best fighters of SJWs and Lefty nonsense; Milo, Sargon, James delingpole (You need him on), Toby Young, Peter Hitchens, Katie Hopkins, Daniel Hannan, Tim Stanley, Rod Liddle, Brendan O’Neill, Raheem Kassam, Paul Condell.

    Maybe have a Uk episode? I can’t believe I’m saying it but having studied in Eng for 18 months I came to admire these Limey contrarian fags.

  4. The zit on Juan Williams ass says:

    “Cocaine is a hell of a drug” !! I’m ready to play chess with that fag and someone please tell Milo that Charlie has the copyrights to “winning” and not even the Donald can appropriate that.

  5. frank says:

    He’s got that English college boy talent where they can talk really fast and emotively for a minute, and then you need a minute to decide if they actually said anything or not.

    It’s kind of diametrically anti-american. American whit is the one-liner.

  6. Terry Thomas says:

    Katie Hopkins is good people? Katie Hopkins is a fucking gob-shite!

  7. First and most importantly: Spelling is overrated :-)

    Next: This was literally mesmerizing. However…

    PC has been around since the late 80s, as I know Gavin knows. When the movie PCU came out, people were like, “Look! We’re mocking them! THAT will teach ‘em!” Nope.

    When Nick DiPaolo got some Best Young Comic award in the mid-1990s, he was told he was going to be the next big thing because he was anti-PC and “everyone will love that.” I LOVE the guy but I hear he’s playing Hilarities in Trenton this weekend.

    What about “Tough Crowd”? O&A? Hell, “Politically Incorrect”? So-called South Park Conservatives?

    We have been “winning” since the beginning and yet we keep losing.

    The people who rule over us self-select for fellow pc-ers. They are mostly unionized so they can rarely be fired. Once they are elected they are hard to unseat.

    If we focus on “winning” we’ll get discouraged, disillusioned and burned out.

    I don’t think we can hope to “win.” But we can create a viable, fun, smart “underdog”/underground sub/counter culture. Gavin is the subculture expert, luckily.

  8. Urban Achiever says:

    @Lancelot Lotlot you’re right the Brits rule at this kinda stuff and it’s because, as you no doubt saw when you were over there, vigorous debate seems to be, lamentably, far more ingrained in their culture than in our own, from Pub culture right on up to Question Period.

    I like Milo well enough but he’s too cute and droll by half – if he could just dial the self-congratulatory smirking down a little and amp up the substance, we’d really have something, maybe even approaching a bantamweight Hitch.

    @Kathy insightful as always but man if those last few sentences aren’t a bummer. We’ve gotta believe we can win, otherwise what future do we have to look forward beyond trawling dusty corners of the internet where we trade Bill Burr live show bootlegs and Trey Parker-signed memorabilia?

  9. TJ says:

    The genesis of PC was before the late 80’s.
    I’m a bit of a classic TV buff, you started to see the hardcore, really agenda-driven stuff in the 70’s. By the time the 80’s rolled around, hardly a sitcom existed where there wasn’t at least a half-dozen “A Very Special Episode Of…” dealing with some kind of appalling ‘ism.

    Anyone remember “The More You Know” spots on NBC? A Russian friend of mine remarked that those were considerably more blatant propaganda than whatever the Soviet Union ever did.

    Yes, all things PC really hit their crescendo in the late 80’s and early 90’s, but I think its fair to note that things are indeed changing. Without bothering making assertions about ‘winning’, anti-PC push back is leaving the realm of backwater dissent and entering the mainstream. Smart and savvy people hypothesized- during the birth of the PC era- that eventually, the generation who was subject to its harshest stuff would grow up, start to think for themselves and very well may reject that entire thesis. I think we’re starting to see that happen. All 20-something year olds are stupid but the leading edge of the PC generation, 30-somethings, are clearly rejecting the PC authoritarian mindfuck horseshit. Of course there will always be examples of those who don’t but they don’t dominate the conversation as they once did. The internet changed the game on ‘public shamings’ but with each passing bawdy joke championed by SJW’s as proof of “institutional (x)’ism”, more and more people are just rolling their eyes and telling them to STFU.

    One thing that I’m starting to see now that I never, ever saw before (during the blackest days of PC- the 1990s) is meaningful blowback from more rational people… Anyone remember the retard who harassed the Chick Fil A girl over gay marriage, recorded it and was totally convinced he would be the White Knight De Jour among the leftist set? Last I read, he was homeless and on foodstamps. Unemployable. Remember the moron who summoned the SJW herd against a guy for making the ‘dongle’ joke at a coders conference? She lost her job. It used to be one-sided. These days, the knife cuts both directions and while blowback from the right tends to be reserved for the most egregious cases of leftist hysteria whereas the left actively looks for stuff to bitch about, at least some kind of resistance now exists whereas before, it didn’t.

    The only mistake Brendan Eich made was buckling. He should have rolled his eyes and said “… look at these retards. Just fucking look at them…” because THAT is the correct strategy to deal with sanctimonious losers.

  10. BastardTurdChildOfObama says:

    @TJ “The correct strategy to deal with sanctimonious losers” illustrated on the largest stage possible by the Donald. In his rudderless, foot in his colon way he’s completely befuddled the PC beat police with his I don’t give a damn attitude. He’d laugh at this forums analysis but he instinctively knows. @ frank You nailed it “talk really fast and emotively for a minute…” A technique I’ve used when I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about but want to win or convince or pull the wool or just be plain contrarian. Sort of a Jedi mind trick.

  11. TJ you’re certainly right. It’s important to operate on the premise that this stuff is nothing new, otherwise we delude ourselves into thinking, “Oh, my smart friends and I can handle this weird new thing.”

    For instance: The “you won’t sleep with x race makes you racist”? Had that convo with a radical roommate in the late 80s.

    I guess the difference is that what was once an amusing novelty (drag queens; crazy housewives holding “consciousness raising”) eventually becomes public policy.

    So whereas you see the older generation sloughing this stuff off, I see just as many of them, maybe more, turning into law.

    And sometimes even if you win, you lose. So Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn et al got Canada’s Section 13 internet hate speech law overturned. That was awesome, but now the Quebec government is toying with an even worse version; now the idiots are suing “racists” in real courts rather than the puny Human Rights Commissions; and Trudeau just got elected and will likely bring Section 13 back.

    I guess what I’m saying (and I don’t have it all thought out) is that we hear: Conservatives have to change the culture in order to change electoral politics.

    Whereas I’m not convinced we should waste our time with electoral politics.

    What if, instead of trying to get laws passed or repealed, both the Tea Partiers and the Occupy people had focused on setting up alternative parallel institutions? Gone off the government grid? Seems like a metric shitton of energy and creativity was wasted by both groups.

  12. TJ says:

    “Overton Window Creep” is inescapable as generations progress. There’s definitely going to be some social policies that endure existential change whether we like it or not. The whole race/equality magic show will probably get worse before it gets better (since its a cultural agenda that’s rowing against the currents of reality. The more reality pushes back, the more irrational the policies become in an attempt to counter them).

    Still, I think for the most part, we’re starting to hit a saner equilibrium compared to the 90’s. That was just the Hippie generation ascending to power, bringing their ideological baggage with them, hoping to contort the real world to fit their ‘wishes’.

    As things start to get bad, more and more people get off the fence. Sweden was a delusionally altruistic society, until millions of 3rd worlders started pouring through their borders, attaching themselves to the ‘safety net’ and ruining towns in their own image. Suddenly, all those cheap ideals get awfully expensive when tempered by reality. I think most of the crumbling leftist narrative falls into the old chestnut of being unable to bullshit all the people, all the time. They had a good run. They bullshitted an entire generation and did their level best to brainwash another one, but they eventually grew up into a world where the things they were told didn’t line up with the reality they were seeing. Empiricism is winning. Again.

  13. Ryan needs a foreskin says:

    @ Kathy: serious question. Reading your Takimag column just now, you apparently define yourself as a Christian and a conservative. But you’re childless – how can you consider yourself conservative? You hate (off the top of my head) the Irish, the French, non-whites, gays, lefties and Filipina women, and you once described a murder victim as “a cuntish toothache of a woman”. How does all that hatred tally with Jesus’s teachings?

  14. This Milo guy is a conservative?

    You gotta be kidding me.

    With conservatives like that, who needs Liberals?

  15. Riley DeWiley says:

    Sixty seconds in.




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