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• 11.29.12 10:43 am

The Perry Project is still the funniest thing in the history of being mean and although Windy City Heat has been dead as a doornail for about ten years the Perry army is still thriving. 

The Podcast is still happening once a week and this new word just appeared in the Urban Dictionary. I have talked to people in the community and nobody knows who put it up there. Awesome.



  1. Alex says:

    Stop trying to make Windy City Heat a ‘thing’. You sound like my dad. Who even knows what that is?

  2. zbow says:

    Calling windy city heat “dead as a doornail” is a funny way of making it a “thing.”

  3. jimchuck says:

    Whether it was a thing, is a thing, or will be a thing is irrelevant; What it IS is hilarious.

  4. GK says:

    I still can’t figure out if the joke is on Perry, Don and Mole, or us. The movie was classic, but the podcast is merciless. I tried explaining it to my roommate and at the end he said “So the whole thing is they’re ruining his career?”

  5. duh donut dickles says:

    talked to people in the community?

  6. Deep Vibrations says:

    I owe you big time, Gavin. Your ‘Introducing… Terrifying Tim!’ post got me into the Big 3 and they’ve changed my life, obviously. I was even in LA at the time so finding out about the movie, the podcast, the Ding Dong Show was so chill. I went every Monday to see Don’s show. I fucking flew out from Vermont for the 20th anniversary show. And I dressed up for it. I’m starting to black out now because it takes me a fucking hour to write a paragraph, but that was really the best time. Comedy Store for life. Big 3 for life. So thanks, again, for your coverage because none of my idiot friends know shit. Also your info for Dee Dee from Limmy’s show got me into Dee Dee. And Sheba was Scaremaster’s meal ticket. And I am 30. Okay, take care.

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