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• 11.21.16 11:00 pm

Finally! Gavin joined Stefan Molyneux for podcast about winning the war against SJW’s.

  1. back@you says:

    How do all these guys make money off podcasting? Are there really that many people who subscribe to these shows?
    I know that America has an abundance of spoiled teenagers, stay-at-home dads and retired veterans, but this is getting out of control.

  2. Reaching out to Others says:

    I hear that guests to Anthony Cumia’s “show” are asked to bring a non-perishable food item to his apartment, errrrrrrrr studio.

  3. Omega Man says:

    Back and forth they went in perfect rhythm like two lovers picking up and ending each others sentences almost perfectly. ALMOST, because in the podcasts bromantic beginning, there was a curious little subtext that neither one directly confronted, and they both euphemistically danced around. That subtext was the issue of Alt-Right and White Nationalism. Stephan politely understood that – THAT – issue was Gavin-the-Cucks Achilles Heel and very discretely replied to Gavin’s confused (pro’s and con’s & wishy-washy thoughts on an ethnically diverse and multicultural society) with very INdirect arguments that exposed the fallacy of Gavin’s struggle with race, ethnicity, and identity politics. Stephan, I could tell, was being kind to Gavin because he likes him and probably has sympathy for him and other’s like him who are struggling with that last hurdle to come over to the Dark Enlightenment. Gavin’s, and so many other marriages, have been put to the test with this election and one has to have compassion since they are literally living with the enemy. In Gavin’s case his wife’s relatives are on the warpath at the moment, so he must feel like Custer. I actually have enjoyed the evolution of one GAVIN MCINNES, and whereas I previously was annoyed with some of his insufficiently “Alt-Right CORRECT” stances, I now know and appreciate where he’s come from and have more understanding and empathy. He still is an idealist at heart, bless his soul, but is being anally gang raped by reality. Give Stephan a month with him and Gavin’s mind would be set “Completely” Right. There’s a movie script in his biography.

  4. Rapey Richard of Astro Glide says:

    Did anyone else (is anyone out there)?)?)?)?) notice that Stephan’s intro, which listed Gavin’s enterprises, didn’t mention Street Carnage and Gavin said nothing about the omission. What is Street Carnage? An embarrassment? A stubborn refusal to not close a dead end – (in order to not lose face over) – because of the acrimonious divorce with Vice years back. Why no infusion of ‘Proud Boys’ if Gavin was proud of Street Carnage? Asking these questions is not an attack on Street Carnage, its contributors or readers, and certainly not the erudite and sophisticated commenters, but is a heartfelt question of WHY are WE, the loyal last remnant, treated like the Kennedy’s lobotomized institutionalized embarrassment of a daughter or like Bill Clinton’s half-black-Assed Hooker son or like some pimps non-revenue producing crack whore who must be beaten like a pitbull who lost his gangsta a bet and must be put down. I frankly am tired of the disrespect and demand that we be grandfathered in as the “founding” Proud Boys including Raymi the Minx who deserve shout outs from Gavin when he appears on big-time media outlets for example that dwarf ASS CLOWN show on FOX. He could look at the camera and say – “to my bastard turd Street Carnage sons, back at you!” or “Yo Yo Yo, shout out to OogaBooga and dick lubin my most loyal have-no-life followers!!!”
    Now that would be classy!

  5. frank says:

    > How do all these guys make money off podcasting?

    There is no way these people make money. Dudes with real jobs do it as hobby under “fake names” once a week (which apparently drives gavin nuts) and blow all these guys out of the water in terms of ratings. Howard Stern and his ilk are probably just about over. That steve crowder idiot pays phillipinos to pump up his ratings.

    The idea that you need a “media class” of people to editorialize and do research is pretty well dead. Hobbyists with real jobs do it better for free, or for quite cheap at least. Every couple months or so I check in on a couple youtube feeds on technical subjects from teen kids because they know their shit and I learn something.

    There’s still the internet democratization of media going on. One out of every thousand Americans could probably easily rap for 20 minutes once a month on a subject far better than NPR or SiriusXM does it just as a hobby. It’s a potential ocean of free content better than the crap we’ve been spoon fed in recent decades.

    There just won’t be Anderson Cooper and Megyn Kelly and Cumia type people going forward. It’s obsolete. Normal smart people will take 20 hours a month to put a piece together and post it online for fun.

  6. OogaBooga says:

    OogaBooga has no life? How dare you, Rapey Richard? HOW DARE YOU?! Do you realize how much you just hurt all my bitches’ and lackeys’ and asskissers’ and, for lack of a better term, fluffers’ feelings when you said that? It’s just mean, man. Come on. You’re better than that.

  7. Rapey Richard. of Astro Glide says:

    OogaBooga……big buddy…..could you….in the cockles of your heart…forgive me…*sniffle* *sniffle*…*sob*..for my intemperate remarks? Please…good buddy…I, I, I just don’t know what overcomes me at times and I streak. My bad *sniffle* *honk* *sniffle*
    I sincerely apologize to all your suckophants whose tender lips might have recoiled in horror at the thought that their hero was being soooooo dissed.
    I’ve learned a valuable lesson, thanks to you, good buddy, and I promise from here on forth! to TROLL NO MORE…….

  8. back@you says:

    @Rapey – I couldn’t agree more. Gavin created Street Carnage almost a decade ago and it’s still better than all his newer gigs on takimag, fox and the rebel. Don’t you even get me started on that proud fags thingy. At least he was smart enough to link SC to his show. Yes, this site may not be as active as in the past but, looking back, you realize that more than half of past comments were from angry, lefty VICE drones who couldn’t believe someone from the “creative industry” came out as conservative. So it sorta better now at least comments-wise. I do miss Jim (you could tell he was less constrained here than on Taki’s) and Shift and few other writers but I’m OK with the few guests we had in the past two years or so. That essay about hipsters flooding BedStuy and the Legal vs Illegal immigrant rant were the past things I’ve read in a while.

    @frank – spot on. Lol at crowder paying filipinos! The time when it all comes crashing down can’t come soon enough.

  9. Your ENEMA says:

    Back that ASS up.

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