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Street Carnage
• 06.12.17 02:16 pm

Finally, someone came up with a solution to this Wonder Woman problem. Miles explains what needs to be done in order for the movie to be watchable.

  1. A John says:

    If she sucks dicks like a pro she deserve money. What the fuck Gavin. Is you a commie.

  2. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Haven’t been here in two weeks and there’s no new instaboners. For shame. Let’s change that.

  3. A Non OogaBooga says:

    OogaBooga. You been here. Tranny boners faggot.

  4. The movie “Wonder Woman” is really becoming a fever for the audience. Maybe I will arrange the time to go to the cinema and watch it.

  5. Siegfried the Pug says:


  6. Nazi Wonder Weapons says:

    June 13, 1944

    The Germans launch the first of the V1 rockets in World War II.

  7. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    Ha! A Non OogaBooga has become the James Angleton of Street Carnage. He and his cock puppets see Ooga Boogas everywhere.They even see them in places where there are none. Columbo is running around the halls of Street Carnage chasing the tails of his trenchcoat. He’s Don Quixote fighting the windmills. He and his cock muppets leave poop emojis wherever they go.

  8. Casual Observer says:

    There he goes. Talking to himselves (Ground Control…Non OogaBooga….) as he runs through street carnage’s comments section – eh OogaBooga. You are so full of yourselves that it appears the shit talk has come to life – eh Seigfried. When in doubt, just assume its OogaBooga when it’s racist, anti-Semitic, S&M, bestiality, anal retardation, or just plain sick in the head.

  9. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    ^The floors of the old estate creak as our tragic hero searches for figments of his own imagination. The pride of Benicia, Ca sees everything but knows nothing. Still, Casual Observer aka Troll Patrol is determined to break the case. It’s a shame he’s childless for he has nobody to pass on the ways of the gumshoe.

    I can’t wait for Gavin and the webmaster to check the IP addresses and prove me right.

  10. Manchurian Take Out says:

    Quite the imagination you have there, (((ground control to his feverish dreams))).
    Wonder Woman is symptomatic of the lack of REAL imagination (ground control: Hollywood needs you) of the once dream weavers. Sequel after sequel, remake after remake, childish cartoon fantasys lifted from kids comics for perpetual adolescents. The technological wizardry completely masks the lack of story telling creativity. I find myself watching a lot of documentaries and find by digging in IFC and Criterion(Janus) – little gems.
    My childhood fantasy treasures were the Illiad and Tolkien’s middle world. I pity today’s young skulls full of mush.

  11. A Non OogaBooga says:

    Nah. Don’t be fooled. Ground Control…. is OogaBooga doing damage CONTROL and rear guard action. His style of writing gives him away like a fingerprint. Who other than maniacs who write manifestos could create such detailed lunacy. Let him flail away. I use this handle when addressing IT. I notice someone-someone’s uses it too. It’s best to conceal your normal commentor identity less he fixate his wrath on you with the same intensity he reserves for his pet peeve – da Jew’s.

  12. Ground Control To My Big Dong says:

    ^ A Non OogaBooga, aka Manchurian Take Out, aka Casual Observer, aka Siegfried the Pug, aka Beastie Boy, aka Troll Patrol, aka ad infinitum. He accuses me of having a vivid imagination yet he’s been calling me an OogaBooga for over a year now despite the fact I’ve been using this name since around the time Goad left. But he IS The Self-Appointed Caretaker of Street Carnage. Like Jack became one with the Overlook in “The Shining”, our caretaker has become one with Street Carnage. He sees OogaBooga ghosts everywhere. “You are the caretaker, Mr. Torrance. You’ve ALWAYS been the caretaker.” And he is. He’s always here checking in on things. He’ll probably respond to this within minutes.
    In all of this nonsense it’s nice to accuse our Self-Appointed Caretaker of being various people on Street Carnage the same way he accuses me of being an OogaBooga. Let’s put this nonsense to rest, Gavin. Check the fuckin IP addresses or get a new commenting system so we can get back to the way things were before the Spring of 2016 when this fucking Self-Appointed Caretaker troll showed up with his fucking poop emojis.

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