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Peter Madsen
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Iran has recently begun testing missile-launching systems. Some say they’re even dabbling in uranium enrichment.

Iran has recently begun testing missile-launching systems. Some say they’re even dabbling in uranium enrichment.



Have you heard about Iran testing its missiles?

Not really, no.

Should select countries determine whether others can arm themselves?

Yeah, they should so they know who they can turn to when everybody is protected.

Let’s say you run Iran and some dudes say you can’t bear arms. Should they butt out?

Yeah, because they’re trying to kill people. I guess the USA is against them the way it was against Iraq over some oil or some money. They’re trying to take over our country. You saw how they blew the Twin Towers, right? The United States is about saving one another and caring about people who are struggling.

Is the US a thug with a heart of gold?

Yeah. The rich help out the poor, you know what I’m saying? Even rich people are miserable and stressing.

If you see a person in a really nice truck, do you say, “Oh, that’s a rich person who got that way because he helps the poor”?

It’s 50/50. I see that and I think about how they put in a lot of work. Maybe it was through a job or through selling drugs, stealing or robbing. They’re just blessed. Some people choose the fast life, others choose the normal life.

Which life is Iran choosing?

I think they’re trying to come up. I have a problem with that, but I’m living that fast life, too. I’m surviving in the jungle.

How would you feel if you were drafted to fight Iran?

I would rather die for my country than to die on the street over $2. If I die fighting Iran, people will know where my soul goes. They will always remember me.

You’re helping that guy in the really nice truck drive faster down Broadway.

Yeah, absolutely.



Iran is testing missiles. What do you think about that?

[giggles, continues dancing]

Some countries are concerned because…

[claps hands four times, rotates in opposite direction] “Who do you think you are / Mister Big-shot!”



Have you heard about the Iranian missile testing?

Well, hell yeah! I think the Israelis should bomb them pretty soon.

Bomb them?

Yep! They said they are trying to take Israel off the map. Iran is a war-country and they will bomb just about anybody. They won’t even declare war! They’ll blow them up just like the World Trade Center. I used to work down there. I wasn’t there for 9/11, though.

Do you think the US should look out for Israel more than it does for other countries?

Oh, yes. That’s for sure. The United Nations hate this country, even though the US is paying most of them.

Should America have the most firepower?

They better. America is like the Romans, the Greeks, and the English. You’ve got to protect yourself. America might not always do the right thing, but in the meantime, they’re the best thing you can count on.

Can a country develop a weapons program with peaceful intentions?

You mean they want to make electricity with it? [laughs] If you believe that, I have a bridge to sell!


  1. lester1/2jr says:

    was this outside the American enterprise institute brooklyn location?

  2. thug Life says:

    yeah son I’m the US and I’m sayin you look out for me I be lookin out for you, na mean? You keep shit tight wit me I keep it real wit you, all love!

    You blow up my shit? I’ma burn yo shit down and kill yo kids word is bond.

  3. Russia says:

    seriously….what the fuck? is this all this fucking website can churn out these days are these stupid “word on the street” articles? they arent funny, nor are they interesting. enough already. maybe once a month is good, not every fucking day.

  4. yummaplesurp says:

    yo last post chill. i enjoyed the guy dancing. you got to know what the public is thinking, other wise you end up going insane behind the screen of computer nose deep in the internet. socialized apathy can bring ignorance and misunderstandings seem to run the world

  5. biff says:

    Francoise knows the time. bomb bomb bomb, bomb bomb iran…etc

  6. Yes says:

    Thank Alex for reminding us that most young assholes are bigger ignorant blowhards than most homeless people.

  7. Dork says:

    Alex is delusional.

  8. Munnersby says:

    dog dick

  9. Psychic Dad says:

    Weird you guys can find totally retarded uninformed assholes around Williamsburg.

  10. crackerpants says:

    j.j.j. has the most correct response to current affairs that i’ve seen in a while. keep dancing, pops.

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