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• 05.02.11 10:22 am

Immediately after 9-11, Toby Keith wrote “Courtesy Of The Red White And Blue” because as he put it, “Everybody that was a poet or a writer or a song writer of any kind had a reason to write some words down…”

Immediately after 9-11, Toby Keith wrote “Courtesy of the Red White and Blue” because as he put it, “Everybody that was a poet or a writer or a song writer of any kind had a reason to write some words down… And I was no different than anybody else. That’s what you do when you do what I do.”

Well, this is what people in the Amusing Community do when the guy we’ve been at war with for a decade is FINALLY dead.


  1. Alex says:

    He shouldn’t have used his real address on his PSN account.

  2. pappy shrub says:

    “There’s been a misunderestimation. There’s been known cajones and unknown cajones. We can’t mano what we don’t mano. I don’t care about Obama Chris Robin. Or Pooh.”

  3. Anonymous says:

    You forgot, “England, we will see your wedding and raise you a funeral.”

  4. .... says:

    these were hilarious

  5. Charles says:

    I . . . agree with Gavin. *universe explodes*

  6. Rachel Ray says:

    Don’t forget the expansion of government and police power’s. You can’t even take a photo of a cop now days.

    However,I am happy about the free prostate massage now they give when you board a plane.

  7. Has-Been La says:

    Charles—re-assemble your head buddy cause you don’t agree with Gavin. Because while Gavin would lazily assert that Dems and Rep’s are equivalently despicable and incompetent and hence not even worth voting about, Obama has clearly proven here that there is a considerable difference.

    1) Gore/Dem’s would have been paying attention, and would have thwarted 9/11.

    2) Asuuming Bush-like lapse had occurred in Gore Presidency, and 9/11 had happened anyway, Dem’s would have done a surgical raid in 2012, instead of invading Iraq on false pretext, and so saved those lives and trillion$.

    In brief, Dem’s and Rep’s are both corrupt, but Rep’s are always just too drunk to remember to lock the front door, and then when their shit is stolen they kick the nearest dog just to make themselves feel better.

  8. This bud's for you says:

    Where the fuck is Raymi when you need some political analysis?

  9. Professor Mudbutt says:

    Great job, George Bush!!

  10. CREAM says:

    You aren’t funny, Gavin.

  11. me_irl says:

    @JesseCannon didn’t come up with the “character actor” tweet; that’s someone copying me without credit unfortunately. Here is the original:

    And here is well-known humorist John Hodgman attributing it to me (if you look at his feed he was one of many who retweeted it last night):

  12. raymeh says:

    osama bin dead

  13. me not you says:

    Gavin you are funny, get lost Cream

  14. Cunt Abrasion says:

    these were all funny except for a couple of duds in the middle

    man I can’t beleaf he’s really dead.. so much left unsaid, now the cats in the cradle and the silver bong little boy blue and the man in the mong

  15. grumpy old man says:

    .@StarKistCharlie: Please tell me you don’t sell Arabian Sea tuna! I don’t want my family eating tuna sandwiches full of BinLaden’s remains!

  16. booty says:

    I laughed

  17. fred durst says:

    messy jesse cannon aka fox face is god.

  18. me_irl says:

    He also plagiarizes jokes. So, there’s that.

  19. Killface says:

    Best one yet.!/Slashleen/status/64898901899087872

    Way better than the one about Michelle Obama above.

  20. Killface says:

    Nevermind I just read Ben Leo’s. Should have not stopped right above that one….

  21. Can I have my civil liberties back *now*?! Fuckers.

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