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And by “we” I mean “cool people.” Before WWII, nobody had done anything. We were all basically Hasidic Jews who married the first person we saw and had no idea how to work our genitalia on our wedding night.

Then, they were  shipped off to Europe and Africa and Japan and they saw the world. They fucked whores and got tattoos (what are those?) More importantly, they rode motorbikes. When Richie Cunningham asked The Fonz what the secret to being cool was, he skipped over the leather jacket and the hairdo, even the attitude and told Richie to get a motorbike.

I’m not saying WWII wasn’t a living hell. Of course it was. But the ones who lived, experienced life for the first time ever. When they came back, they were expected to go back to the Hasidic life and many of them said, “Fuck that.” They started motorcycle gangs and roamed the country getting into trouble and kicking the shit out of each other. Soon after that, we got the Hollister riot and motorcycle enthusiasts blaming the 1%.



That led to rock ‘n roll and The Wild One and Rebel Without a Cause and wearing a t-shirt as a shirt. Before that, a teenager was just a “young man.” After 1950, he was a thing all his own who didn’t even want to grow up. Shit, he hoped he died before he got old.

So, to all the WWII vets. Thanks for killing Hitler and all that other good stuff but I’d also like to thank you for inventing cool. It didn’t just make adolescence way more fun, it made adolescence.


HERE’s an old interview we did with the WWII vet featured above.

  1. Anonymous says:

    yet another moronic blog commenter. i’m too stupid to ever get a paid writing gig.

  2. C and the MS-13s says:

    Let me guess…

    “Wahh! Gavin loves America! Boo-hoo! He’s not a Liberal–bitch bitch bitch!”

  3. lester says:


  4. sugar e. cox says:

    now do one thanking feudal knights for modern property ownership.

  5. WaxWingSlain says:

    The Fonz told Richie to get a motorcycle.

  6. CJ says:

    The downside: This “Greatest Generation,” who had suffered the depression and the horrors and sacrifices of the war, spent the “peace dividend” on their kids, the baby boomers. They wanted their offspring to have what they never did. But instead of the boomers seeing this–sacrificing for the next generation and wanting them to have it even better than you did–as just something you do, the took it to mean that it was they alone who were SPECIAL and IMPORTANT, and that everyone needed/needs to sacrifice for them. And now they’re still fucking saying “GIMME GIMME GIMME” and we (and our kids) are paying for it.

  7. Gulf Coast sez 'sup fags says:

    The Hollister riot always makes me think of frosted tips duking it out.

  8. chow says:

    The real heros were the wehrmacht and the waffen-ss. US soldiers did basically nothing. I’d say that the Soviet soldiers were heros too, but it’s hard to call someone a hero when the NKVD is standing behind them shooting them if they retreat even one foot. In the end the world has never seen heros like the wehrmacht and especially the waffen-ss.

  9. chow is a faggot says:

    the world has never seen heroes like the wehrmacht and SS because they were never heroes, and never seen as heroes as a consequence of that. I think the real heroes are your mom and dad for not bludgeoning you to death while you were still in their care, and for putting up with such a cunty douche

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