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That’s one a week! Something has to be done. How many children have to die before we do something? There have been 74 since Sandy Hook. Oh wait. Something just came up. 

Turns out only about 6 or 7 of the 74 were not gang-related and tons of them happened in areas with incredibly strict gun laws. This isn’t innocent children getting shot up by a maniac drunk on lax gun laws. It’s turf wars over drugs. Charles Johnson looked it up and it turns out that the anti-gun lobby was just making stuff up. The scariest part is. The president fell for it. Someone needs to get that guy a Google machine.



  1. Conrice says:

    Gavin, you’re surprised the WH didn’t look something up?

  2. RED says:

    You know that trucker who almost killed Tracy Morgan. They said he hadn’t slept for 24 hours because it sounded like a good story. Not even remotely true but that doesn’t seem to matter to journalists anymore.

  3. Ghetto Defendant says:

    @RED, let’s not go completely the other way and not wait till they release the service log book entries before proclaiming it’s not remotely true, based only on the tweets of the man being charged.

  4. stormfront says:

    So two libertarian meth heads just declared the revolution and went on a shooting spree in Vegas. They laid a fucking Gadsen flag (that’s the yellow flag with the “don’t tread on me” snake that gives tea partiers hard ons) on the corpses of the cops they shot.

    Gavin: “Hey, look! Gangbangers!”

    Gavin, we already know that gang violence is a problem in the inner city. There are gangs there because poor blacks were corralled into ghettos because of race hatred after world war two. Whites moved away and no black person was ever given a decent rate on a mortgage (a practice called redlining). Gangs and the drug economy have sprung up in places and taken root where basically we decided as a country that we didn’t give a flying fuck what happens to those darkies. It’s not just about race– in Appalachia, we collectively decided that low class scotch irish are also subhuman which is why to this day people line up there for free dental care like it’s Liberia.

    Can you come up with any reason why it should now be considered acceptable to have random gun sprees happening in this country? Are they all just a libtard plot to take away yore guns? Why aren’t there the basic controls on guns that we have accepted on driving cars? What do you suggest should be done other than calling psycho gun rampages just part of the american way?

  5. Chicken dog says:

    LOL @ “stormfront”

  6. shimizu says:

    Yo Gavin, you need to look up the Dunblane Massacre

  7. Redlining is a liberal myth. Do you really think Jews would give up money just because they don’t like blacks?

    Red-lining was started when the Federal Government began Urban Revitalization, or Urban Renewal, programs. Why invest in property that could potentially be acquired by the Government?

  8. liverwusht says:

    The problem, @Stormfront, seems to be any time you try to have a semi-coherent discussion with people about their guns, they react like you asked them to remove their arm. (No pun intended. Seriously.) While the stats on gun violence reflect a very small percentage of people getting caught up in a psychopaths’ line of fire, the stories are horrific enough for a sane person to ask: What’s wrong here? But the gun people say, “Nothing is wrong. Just some maniac. If he tried to do the same to me, I would blow him away. Let’s go pick up some ammunition at WalMart and practice blasting that psycho away in my backyard. I’ve got some cool targets.” They will also tell you that these lone gunmen would find another way to inflict terror if they couldn’t get their hands on firearms. And, as we see in the Middle East on a daily basis, that’s true. But aren’t we supposed to be better than all that? We don’t live under a regime, religious oppression, or warring tribes from the 6th century. (I’m sure the gun people would say that’s not true.) Where most people want to live in a civil society, a democratic one that works towards compromise, the gun people would rather shove a barrel in its face and keep it under threat.

    You could argue it’s this kind of paranoia and resentment of any authority or privilege that motivates these people to lash out at their world. And I would be lying if I said I didn’t think a lot of people who own guns just to own guns (for their protection) have these traits.

  9. Ned says:

    I knew that 74 number was fishy. Yesterday I spent almost two hours trying to find more credible data. Glad someone is more patient than me.

  10. MoistAngst says:

    I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – gun rights activists need to start learning how to make and cache their own firearms. Lathes, mills, drill presses, CNC machines, and even the new 3-D printers are continually getting less expensive if not downright cheap. The anti-gunners are not going to stop, so neither can we. A gun is not a terribly difficult thing to make. Any machinist worth his salt could turn out more than a few a week. Even a complete amateur with the right tools and a little bit of training can become his own armorer in no time! Remember that the famous British STEN submachine gun of WWII fame was made from cheap tubing and stamped metal components. If even a quarter of 2nd amendment supporters out there were actively involved in the home manufacturing and caching of arms, that in itself would be nothing short of a complete victory over the gun grabbers.
    Imagine the absolutely liberating possibilities that are at hand. How about never having to worry about magazine availability? How about being able to make your own AR-15 and in doing so dodge the high (ridiculous nowadays!) price the most current models command? Envision the joy that comes with having a fully stocked arsenal that can’t be traced and that nobody knows about except for you. That’s freedom. And soon, it’s probably going to be a necessity. There have been attacks and attempted lawsuits against gun companies before, but there are certainly more to come, and you can expect them to be much worse. Besides, if you have to rely only on what’s commercially available, then you’re forcing yourself to accept an unnecessary vulnerability.
    I’m not advocating that anyone should go breaking the law, but people need to open their eyes and be prepared to do what is necessary to preserve individual freedom and liberties. If recent history has shown us anything, it’s that government is certainly not up to the task of preserving anything and is increasingly in many cases acting as the aggressor against the citizenry. Things will get worse before they get any better, and in the meantime you’re going to have to stay vigilant and prepared. I’ll get off my little soapbox now, but remember this one thing –

  11. Stormfront:

    If only there were big machines you could get onto and move to another, less crappy city…

    Kind of like the big boats my ancestors (and Gavin’s) got on to move from the slums of Scotland.

  12. stormfront says:

    Your scottish ancestors were brought to scotland in chains and mostly worked to death, right?

  13. STINKY says:

    @MoistAngst: there’s this news show on HBO that profiled people in the Phillipines doing just what you described. I think the show’s called “Misconduct”? Something like that, anyway.

  14. Steve Zuckerburg says:

    @MoistAngst….. that’s fine and dandy… How about ball and powder? Brass casings? Guns are useless without ammo.

  15. George Eliot says:

    @Steve Zuckerburg: Canadians who do sport shooting competitively pretty well have to “reload” as it’s called because ammo is prohibitively expensive here, and if you want to be any good, you need a lot of it. Refining the lead, casting the slugs, trimming brass casing, putting in the blasting caps and gunpowder can all be done with equipment that at least used to be pretty easy to obtain. The only thing you can’t do for yourself (at least not easily) is cast the original brass casing. It is getting harder to get these machines though.

  16. Rory B. Bellows says:

    American Homicide [1] is a thorough and entertaining analysis of murder in this country from pre-colonial era to WWII. It offers a perspective that’s often left out of these gun control debates.

    The author concludes that murder rates are *not* correllated with increased fire power, gun control laws, etc., but with “political instability; a loss of government legitimacy; a loss of fellow-feeling among members of society caused by racial, religious, or political antagonism; and a loss of faith in the social hierarchy.” Turns out we had an incredibly bloody and contentious civil war not long ago and we’re still experiencing the fallout from it.


  17. Englebert Slaptyback says:

    “Only 6 or 7”? Isn’t even 1 enough? I get your point, though. Access to guns isn’t the cause.

  18. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Stormfront: Go right ahead and depend on cops and political machines to protect you. You can SEE how well it’s worked for all those black people you seem to think need YOUR help…

  19. stormfront says:

    Black people don’t need help, but they might need for the government of the nation that was built on the enslavement of their ancestors to atone for ACTIVELY shitting on them for hundreds of years. And yeah, I’m pretty skeptical about my personal ability to “protect myself” using firearms, actually I’m completely indifferent to the idea of using firearms against other people. It seems that the personal protection scenario happens about once every 10,000 times a crime is committed with a gun, and is mostly a jack-off fantasy of terrified white people who forgot how to fight/ do anything outside of driving and shopping and working their white collar shit jobs.

  20. MoistAngst says:

    @George Eliot
    Wow. You guys in Canada aren’t even allowed access to basic light industrial equipment? That can’t be true. I’m sure if you were to look around for it, you’d find it. Brass cartridges are punched from sheets of brass (or other metal) alloy, not cast. Then they are shaped to size using forming dies (many reloaders already own these) and trimmed (most reloaders already own trimmers as well) as needed. Basically an industrial punch is all that’s really required. Forming dies are commonly available and even if they were to be outlawed they too could be improvised. Most people don’t realize that the tooling required for the manufacturing of guns and ammo in neither complicated to use or difficult to obtain. A basic machine shop would have pretty much everything that is required. There are also plenty of recipes for gunpowder already out there. I recall one that used vitamin tablets and saltpeter (1989 Guns Digest Annual if I remember correctly). A study of almost any civil conflict during the 20th century will yield numerous examples of improvised weapons and ammuntion. Republican gunsmiths of the Spanish Civil War were particulary talented. In short, where there is a will, there’s most certainly a way. For an interesting description of the brass cartridge making process:

    For a basic treatise on gunpower and propellants:

    The Chemistry of Powders and Explosives

  21. MoistAngst says:

    Oops! that’s
    If that doesn’t work just look it up on There are numerous other titles available dealing with the subject as well.

  22. dick lubin says:

    guns are for pussies- end of discussion

  23. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    HahahahaHA! That’s brilliant! When faced with someone determined to hurt you, call them names! Get the Pentagon on the phone!

  24. 6079 Smith, W. says:

    Stormfront: One “atones” to a DEITY, not to a group of humans. Give the humans in YOUR life the respect that they deserve, and remember history so that YOU don’t repeat it. When you try to AVENGE history, you ARE repeating it.

  25. George Eliot says:

    @MoistAngst – Yes, it can be done, but that’s not my definition of easy!

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