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• 10.25.10 12:06 pm

Hey idiots, didn’t you think there was something a little off about that first post? IT’S ALREADY IN TWO PIECES, BLIND-ASS!

Hey idiots, didn’t you think there was something a little off about that first post? IT’S ALREADY IN TWO PIECES, BLIND-ASS! What happened was, I went to take the tape off and it didn’t come off in one piece so I thought, “I gotta document this” AND PUT THE PIECE BACK! The first photograph is from AFTER I realized this was going to be an ordeal. The rest was all true but that first part, not so much.


  1. that be a tre chill kitty says:

    c88i stiru br8

  2. Yannis says:

    Gav is getting senile

  3. milky says:

    i hate you and everything you choose to be.

  4. dr.d says:

    i was going to suggest putting ice on the tape, thus freezing it and making it easier to remove…congrats on getting that shit sorted.

  5. Anonbro595 says:

    gavin. if you post stupid shit like that again i’m going to release your phone number upon the steaming masses of 4chan.

  6. modmodmod says:

    Anonbro595, I love you

  7. captain ahab says:

    Best posts for a while.

  8. Dick Smuggler says:

    Hey guys, I got here late and read these in the wrong order. Then had to re-read them in the correct order. Wish I would have seen this is real-time because I kinda feel like I wasted a chunk of my morning.

  9. art lover says:

    1) beyond clever
    1.5) too clever by half
    2) never b4 have we seen such cleverness
    3) genius
    3) stone genius
    3) all the amateur posers are raining spiteful envy against such clear evidence of pure genius
    4) geniuosity beyond compare
    5) weeping at sheer genius of it all
    6) stunned, speechless, unable to react to such genius
    7) bowel-loosening genius
    8) jibbering exhausted in aftermath of confrontation with utter genius
    9) ineffable religious ecstacy beyond all possible comprehension
    10) uncomprehending corrupt world reacts with cries for Death. on the Cross.
    11) go Anonbro595

  10. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:

    Nah B, I hurd peanut butter gets dem shits off.

  11. Deeper Meaning says:




  12. wendel clark says:

    To the genius dick sucker ( art lover), you have the IQ of a slug.

  13. JuCIFER says:

    Thank God you took care of that Gav, it was touch-and-go for a while there.

  14. porridge thump says:

    well there goes 10 minutes of my life i’ll never get back. glad it all worked out ok though.

  15. Koreanish says:

    That was wildly unethical. You have besmirched the name “Streetboners”. A sad day for journalism.

  16. Ponnellup says:

    what a fucking asshole

  17. Anonymous says:

    This site is going to vanish in a cloud of purple smoke, then when the smoke clears you will just have a huge boner of mine, in your face. Because Im the man you see, Im the reason for a reason. Not tape thats on the bottom of your shoe, maybe the tape thats around Gavins mouth….HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA….CIAO

  18. dr.d says:

    well, i’m gonna slide into my b.u.m. equipment sweatpants, crack open a bag of werthers, and call it a day. au revoir!

  19. falafel krugz says:

    What a controversy. You should call Mike Muir and ask for opinion in a polite way

  20. muscles says:

    This is like State of Play and the tape is that staff researcher but Gavin is Ben Affleck AND The Gladiator

  21. what the fuck is even going on about this tape shit? I haven’t read streetboners in a few weeks. I don’t feel like reading old shit to find out what the tape is all about cos I’m kinda drunk and I just want to go eat more lasagna that’s sitting on the stove.

  22. lily says:

    you are fucking retarded

  23. Rapist says:


  24. qq says:

    @ koreanus: nobody says ‘Besmirch’ anymore you FUCKING DICKHEAD!!!!!!!

  25. Anonymous says:

    I will rape you dickwad.

  26. Bummer says:

    I don’t get it.

  27. Hunk Williams, Jr. says:

    A quicker solution would have been to jump in front of a bus.

  28. Anonymous says:

    I am posting as anonymous because I feel personally besmirched.

  29. pogi says:

    I think this is in reference to Gavins admission that that fight thing was fake. A part of it was a lie; challenging the world to a fight and the other part was true; it was a real fight and he really did get knocked out.

  30. FEDERAL COME™ says:

    really – 8) ?

  31. FEDERAL COME™ says:

    how has that escaped my attention for so long?

  32. FEDERAL COME™ 8) says:

    does it work up there?

  33. FEDERAL COME™ 8) says:


  34. FEDERAL COME™ says:

    disappointing. unlike this series of posts.

  35. Let me try says:


  36. Anonymous says:

    YEP…still dumb

  37. qq says:


    Thats how you’re sposed to do it if your going to use the word “besmirch”.

    Now, step off PUSSY!!!

  38. zippo says:

    sounds like steve o’s rad email list again

  39. Anonymous says:

    gavin has created quite a nice blog. now he needs to stop writing on it.

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