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Seth Macy
• 08.23.15 07:30 pm


Old Grandpa Gavin is at it again. He’s complaining about how grown men shouldn’t play video games, because they are for babies and we (I include myself because I am a video game enthusiast) grown men should be doing manlier stuff. One of the things Gavin mentioned was building a table as an example of a manlier way of spending time. MORE»

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• 08.21.15 06:03 pm

I realized this week, the Dead Ovary Feminist has done more to ruin women’s lives than any Republican has. MORE»

Posted by
John Pittsley
• 08.21.15 10:19 am


I truly admire what G-Dawg and some of you brave souls are doing here. Testing your limits and practicing self-control is a healthy exercise in self-improvement. I do think this is some dangerous shit you guys are fucking with, though. MORE»

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• 08.20.15 12:30 pm

My life goal has always been to hear what Madonna thinks of the part where Zebraman goes, “Madonna’s a dick.”  MORE»

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• 08.20.15 12:16 pm


Holy cow is this one ever going to be a doozy. Racial relations in America are the worst they’ve been in recent memory. Who’s to blame?  MORE»

Posted by
Street Carnage
• 08.20.15 11:43 am


When I was in college, my roommate and best friend (still best friend, no longer roommate) used to stop beating off by Wednesday, so that by Friday we’d be libidinous wolverines with great haircuts and endless motivation. By Friday morning, I would be acting so aggressive and different that when I chose to engage in “weekend preparation” without my roommate, he’d say “You haven’t beat off this week, have you?” MORE»

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