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Evan Hatcher
• 10.14.14 12:23 pm
Nearly daily, I walk to the coffee shop across from the library and get a six shot espresso and some fancy  Japanese snacks. I sit there reading and fucking around on the machine for about three hours. Then, I leave. Not because I have anything better to do mind you, but because it’s shift-change. With a new barista, comes a new playlist and the chick who does the second shift has terrible taste in music. MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 10.13.14 09:00 am
People have hated Columbus day since I was nine. I can still remember my fourth-grade teacher gently telling us that he didn’t celebrate Columbus day (gasp!) and playing a song for us, titled, ‘Somebody was already there,’ which explained that Columbus didn’t in fact discover America, which apparently doesn’t account for his bringing Western culture here, but only our fabulous diseases. MORE»

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• 10.11.14 08:19 am


There is some controversy regarding “the horrors.” Some claim the Living Hell you wake up to at 2AM is actually called “the fear” and the horrors are a much more serious thing you get in the day after you’ve been having the fear every night for weeks.  MORE»

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HJ Fountain
• 10.11.14 07:43 am


I used to wake up in a daze and wonder if I FaceStalked an ex; now I wake up and wonder if I strangled a prostitute with her own nylon leggings. If you’re a dude like me, the prospect of becoming next week’s “John Walsh” investigation is harrowing. MORE»

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• 10.09.14 10:55 am


The trouble with reporting on free speech is it’s not interesting if it’s about the right to have a gay pride parade or criticize George W Bush. Only about 7 people have a problem with those things. The only time there’s nuance is when it’s about something that makes people uncomfortable. Say, pedophiles or the “God Hates Fags” guy or worse, “racial realists.”  MORE»

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John Pittsley
• 10.08.14 09:44 am

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I hate to sound like an old man but what’s with people and all the fancy beers these days? I remember when bringing a twelve pack of Miller High Life over to a buddy’s house was a good call. Now you get scoffed at by other men for bringing a twelver of Sierra over. When did this happen? MORE»