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• 05.06.15 11:13 am

FREE SPEECH: DAVE SMITH by Freespeechpodcast

While talking about jokes that “punch down” (31:51) we came up with the following challenge: Try to make a joke about a baby with a cleft palate. 

Here’s the best I can do and it took a day.

I really like the movie Batman but I was watching the new one last night and I realized Bane is  way more of a badass than Batman. I mean, he escaped from a prison hole by jumping out of it. I was like, I want a Bane. I’m too old and weak to be Bane but I could maybe make one. Anyway, it took a lot of work but I managed to find one. That’s right, I adopted a baby with a cleft palate and I’m raising it in the basement with nothing to eat. I throw some throat lozenges down there sometimes…

See? It’s really hard.

Audio of podcast is HERE

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