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• 05.26.15 09:39 pm

Heather Marie Scholl is a politically active feminist and artist whom I know almost nothing about. I saw her in Brooklyn putting up a sticker that said, “From one white person to another. Its [sic] on us to end White Supremacy.” I approached her and asked her to come on the show. I respect her for having the courage to do so but I don’t think she’ll want to come back. 

Audio on iTunes is 
HERE. Soundcloud is HERE (audio is ad-free)

UPDATE: This blowed up the Internet. Heather said she was “ambushed” by me and I wasn’t being myself. I was being a fake media personality (like Colbert in reverse, I guess). This was not the case. I was honestly just trying to have a normal conversations.

As of today this may be Daily Motion’s most viewed podcast at 70k. It has also garnered a following with the anti-gamergate / 4Chan / Reddit crowd.

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