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• 04.23.15 03:03 pm

FREE SPEECH – JEFFREY LEWIS by Freespeechpodcast

This one starts out a little light with talks about graffiti and music but when our common love of Crass comes up and the difference between anarchy, libertarianism and socialism rears its ugly head, things get, well, ugly.

I love Lewis by the way and didn’t intend to make this episode one big fight. I thought we’d talk about comics. This is what I think of when people say his name.

That and his awesome album of Crass covers.

Anyway, I’m not going to keep quiet when someone drags out the old “Eat the Rich” trope. If you make over $150k in NYC, you’re looking at almost 50% tax. It’s not a matter of one big fat guy holding everyone else’s money in a safe and refusing to share. You could empty that safe and the government would still be deep in debt. Here’s the video I was talking about on the podcast.


Here’s the Crass song we went through line-by-line. It’s the theme song for the podcast and it pretty much sums up everything I believe. The “rulers of this land” are the ones who put us $18 trillion in debt. Not Bill Gates and Warren Buffet.

Here’s more on my problems with the FDNY.

Below are the audio versions of the show. Subscribe and download. Thursday is RA the Rugged Man.



  1. Al says:

    Thanks Gavin for the Crass link. What an immense track. I’m new to Crass thanks to you; doing my homework now. The lyrics are certainly Proto Libertarian in spirit and in no way liberal like the Straw Man Jeffrey Lewis suggests. I’m sure he’s a decent chap- well meaning and all, but what a pathetically naive and lazy world view. You tore his politics to shreds but Lewis’ Marxist fogged mind would not allow him to engage in fact and reason. His summary of 20th Century Russia was very disturbing indeed, even in the UK you rarely hear such appalling apologism for Stalinism. Where to begin with views like that? You did very well to stay as, relatively, calm as you did.

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