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• 04.02.15 03:33 pm

  1. andy says:

    Fantastic podcast! Kudos. I’m hooked.

  2. Doug Lauder says:

    This is how you could make redeye your own. I know you from redeye and tucker from fox, his father a American Classic first generation rightish talking head.
    This is Corolla on steroids , Dennis miller talent , agility and breadth. I came in expecting to engage listen. Kept sneaking a peek. Production values galore.

    This was candy for the mind, as Miller would say brutal accuracy. Tucker’s end of show kudos galore. This is middle of night TiVo material somewhere

    Does fox have the balls ? Do you have a marketing plan

  3. OSweet says:

    This is so inspring. You are a combination of TOnry Robbbins and like yeah Corrolal. On steroids. If Fox doesn’t set you up as host of RedEye, they need to procure what Ailes them.

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