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Posted by
• 04.22.12 11:56 am

This interview went quite well and actually has very little to do with me saying “Fuck You” to them forever. The only bad thing I can say about the whole exchange is the fact that one of the producers had no cell phone and when I told another how annoying that was, she confessed she didn’t have one either. They said they didn’t have one because they didn’t need one but the only reason it came up is because I had asked them to text me the address. Ergo, they needed one. Anyway, it’s just a minor beef with a much bigger cow of a company that takes taxpayer money to whine to taxpayers about how evil money is.

The real reason I said never again was after this interview, I felt like a hypocrite. I had sworn them off in 2004 when they cut me out of a panel because I dared stray from the Canadian narrative and say 1- If Quebec wants to leave so bad, let them go. And 2- Why is gay marriage taking up 50% of this election discussion? Aren’t “gays who want to get married” less than 1% of the population?

A year after swearing them off, I did a CBC Radio interview where the host was yammering on about the “commodification of youth culture” and I pointed out how odd it is that we’re sitting here, at the taxpayer trough bitching about people who are trying to make money. The host stopped the interview right there and shelved it. My attitude has always been talk to everyone about everything but when they don’t share that philosophy, you end up wasting your time.

After the interview at the top of this post and before the Sun Media one I started thinking about the past two decades I’ve been listening to them flaunt their mediocrity and just thought, “Fuck them.” If you’re a Canadian who doesn’t hate them, consider this segment.

Can you hear how naive and smarmy this pig is? “They shoot abortion doctors there”? What? Despite being a tenth of America’s size, Canada has about the same amount of anti abortion violence and in both countries the numbers are negligible. It was nice to see Ayaan serve him with that “those who have always had freedom tend to take it for granted” line. I think the CBC takes everything for granted especially their myopic view of the world. Which is, basically: America is a “scary” place full of gun-loving evangelicals who get their information from a right-wing propaganda machine called Fox News.

Speaking of Fox, In this interview with Fucked Up’s Damian Abraham we learn about how daring it was for him to walk into the belly of the beast right after Red Eye‘s Greg Gutfeld had mocked the four Canadian soldiers killed by an IED in Afghanistan. Only, the “mocking” was a joke where the panel was actually making fun of how little Americans know about the place (did Canadians honestly believe Bill Schulz thought the mounties were the army?) AND the joke happened five days BEFORE the Canadian soldiers were killed.

Of course, looking that up and checking the dates would require doing some work above and beyond the bare minimum and there’s no incentive to do that when the government has guaranteed you a job.

I like how the host thinks he’s being open-minded by saying, “Maybe a lot of people watch it out of interest.” For the record, I’ve been censored by the CBC way more than I’ve been censored by Fox. The only time I can think of Fox censoring me is when I made a crude joke about lesbians.

One last thing: the odds of the CBC asking me to do anything with them ever again are pretty low boycott or no boycott. It’s kind of like being sanctimonious about not letting women beat me off. They’re not exactly beating down my door. That being said, I have had enough of the CBC and I think a lot of Canadians feel the same way, hence Sun News.

  1. Brendan says:

    I agree that the CBC can sometimes tread over the tolerable line in the sand for whining. Also, as an Albertan not from Calgary, which is supposedly the centre of all opinions and events Albertan, I find that the CBC tends not to cover province-wide phenomena in a province-wide way– this applies to other provinces too, and I’m not sure the CBC is yet aware that Saskatchewan exists. That being said, their national news cast is still the best in Canada, in my opinion, and presents a decently fair overview of events. Their political panel is composed of left- and right-wing commentators, so issues receive relatively balanced treatment.

  2. josh says:

    What about the National Film Board of Canada? Do we hate them too?

  3. josh says:

    If Canadian tax payers contribute to the CBC’s coffers, should not the CBC represent their overall leftist glib bias similar to the way FOX is supported by and broadcasts to the right-leaning American? Forget comparisons with the US, compare the english CBC and its french equivalent SRC. Know your audience, eh?

  4. Don't Quit Your Day Job says:

    PC propaganda by the state: evil
    Right-wing propaganda by the ultra-rich: freedom

    I hear you, Gavin.

  5. Anonymous says:

    So are you in favour

  6. Anonymous says:

    Of gay marriage or not?

  7. jissom jigaboo says:

    ‘we don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall keeping us tied and true’

  8. matt says:

    The CBC isn’t perfect. I’ve been boycotting George Stromboulopoulos for the last 15 years and he still won’t get the fuck off my tv. On the other hand, can you really sit there and tell all your readers that Sun News is a reliable, objective source of news, worthy of usurping CBC’s role? This is a channel whom that crazy cunt Rachel Marsden would be considered a model reporter.

    For those of us who prefer not to be entertained by the news, what would you have us consume?

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