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D. Eric Beckles
• 11.06.09 10:01 am



  1. todd is a faggot name says:

    unlistenable, they are illiterates.

  2. mupetblast says:

    How long is this track going to stay up?

  3. bonerfromgrowingpains says:

    these guys are fucking terrible…i hate them

  4. jr says:

    is these guys related to Mustard? I like Mustard better

  5. vikrai says:

    theyre shows are alot of fun

  6. kaka chanel(aka 2.0_ says:

    this shit is fucking hilarious and probably the most entertaining radio show on street carnage

  7. flynn says:

    been a while, can we have a new radio show for the new year?

  8. Killface says:

    I saw them in Pittsburgh. They are a great live show, and this sounds like it was a really good show too.

  9. Waz says:

    Can someone put up the playlist of the songs played

  10. Durp says:

    whoa! what Japanese group does that Jackson 5 cover?

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