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paulscheer #pride

surlysarah: Google a video and watch it with the sound all the way up. You don’t can’t miss what you never had. Doesn’t make it right. Look up Elephant in the Hospital as well. @jeffreyhenao22 The hygiene excuse is a lie. Woman have way more skin and folds in their vaginas and circumcising a female in this country is against the law.

jeffreyhenao22: @surlysarah okay well I have one more thing to ask you, what about the benefits to circumcision . Studies have shown that there is a certain mucus in an un circumsized penis that is more susceptible to bacteria and not to mention men circumsized have less of a chance to get a urinary tract infection

foreskinlady: @jeffreyhenao22 the chance of reduction in UTI’s is 1% and only in the first 6 MONTHS OF LIFE. Smegma, is natural and actually has been proven to kill and eat HIV and bacteria. “Smegma” is the Greek word for “Soap”. The foreskin is self cleansing just as the vagina is.

littlemissus: This group Internet stalked me, harassed and bullied me, and posted photos of me and my kids on their Facebook page, all because I (like millions of other parents) chose to circumcise my son. There are legitimate reasons not to circumcise, but this group is a bunch of nutters.


  1. Dr. John says:

    Dogs, boars, bulls, horses and many other male mammals have smegma, too. It’s fucking nasty. Maybe it’s natural, but it’s fucking nasty. Ladies, take a smell of some smegma. How would you like to suck a dick with that all around the tip? As for vaginas being self cleansing, I prefer the ones that get a little help from the owner.

  2. STFU says:

    You don’t have to cultivate it idiot, she was just countering the misinformation above.

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