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• 06.29.12 07:38 am

@thegavin2000 I told this woman she had 3 beautiful children and she said, “I know, but they blow up so fast.”

@manutehere: Dirka Dirka

@drunkenstepfather: I got that email from a 65 year old 6 weeks ago racist @thegavin2000

@drunkenstepfather: @thegavin2000 some of my best friends are garbage and this picture offends them.

@bluestarpisces: It’s funny because hipsterdom rules make it cool to be racist

@scissorwizard: I’m sorry I’m laughing I peed too funny

@sebastien_grainger: When morality is relative, so is humor.

@techsgtchen: @bluestarpisces how is this racist?

@elife_is: This is high art masquerading as instagram

@thegavin2000: @bluestarpisces Actually, she’s Bosniac.

  1. tod says:

    jim lets this fly?

  2. techsgtchen says:

    Hey look Ma, I made it onto Instaboner!

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