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Street Carnage
• 04.28.17 12:05 pm

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  1. meech says:

    oily face check no doubt hot big gap in the teeth for sure milky creamy complexion for sure but to be honest i didn’t get a boner from this chick she is just a little too ape-ish for me. what i would like you to do gavin is start using fatter sluttier broads same idea beauty mark like gaps in teeth and bald spot aand o m issing tooth but the key is fat sluts anyone who is skinny?? sorry you are beat you are not hot as medium slightyl fat chicks obioulsly not morbibly obese obilosly not anorexic but symmety and balance right in between i try not to get brainwashed into what dr oz tells me to do i eat chips pizza ice cream mc doubles cold cut combos from subway because i know im on the right track to healt;hy eating and any one of those retards who tells me to eat (get this) (what i saw) salad with pistachios tuna flaxseed oil and chocolate scrapings it is official dr oz is a mentally ill schizophrenic who needs to get chedcked out who in there right fucking mind would eat any of that shit like kale and phosphorous sandwhickes. eat whatevveer the fuck i want smoke wherever the fuck i want wear what ever the fuck i want the only person i listen to is myself and the dictionaryl;sdajfdsalk;fjsdl;fkjsadfklsd;jfdsakl;fjsadk;lfsjdk;

  2. Ziya says:

    Hello Dear GOod Body… for the entertainment ..

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