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• 04.22.12 06:33 pm

@janellshirtcliff @wedreamoficecream

  1. is this back at the Russian danceclub?

  2. MillsBills says:

    It’s ok if you have nothing to say, a picture is worth a thousand words.

  3. raymes says:

    They look like heaven.

  4. Drippy dog dix and cum bubbles or something says:


  5. SmooveB says:

    I wasted entirely too much time back in the day scheming to get into manwich threesomes with two hot broads. I should have been shooting for foursomes, damn it.

  6. Zippy says:

    What a feeling of liberating power knowing that you can fuck who you want, when you want, anyway that you want. THAT is your fucking American Dream.

  7. blaahus poopus says:

    How about a HBO show about these ladies? I’d watch that. Hell I’d buy a t.v. so I could watch it.

  8. Hyphy D says:

    9 cats

  9. Anonymous says:

    They’re extinct where I come from. Demographics can eat a dick

  10. ....... says:

    girl to the left (janelle shirtcliff?) looks like every cool comic book heroine ever drawn didn’t think people like that actually existed

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