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• 11.16.12 09:38 am

thegavin2000 Soup for lunch with a yoga mat and a Razor. Are you allergic to getting laid?

coopersnow: They still make Razors?

gilbertisdead: @coopersnow RAZORS WILL NEVER DIE

thegavin2000: He already looks kid like but he throws caution to the wind and wears a Bazooka Joe baseball hat. “Hi ladies, I’m a kid. Fucking me is a felony.”

bloodyguts: Don’t forget the backpack. Adults should not wear backpacks.

thegavin2000: @bloodyguts it’s ok to wear a backpack IF you rude your bike to work. You can’t wear one if you ride a Razor because you can’t ride a Razor.

kitg_pres_sdsc: He’s going for a sleep over.


  1. raymi says:

    Not ready to be in the game just yet.

  2. Zippy says:

    He goes home and jacks off to this girl. All the time mumbling “Someday…..”

  3. HAHA says:

    its better to be wearing a backpack than a fanny pack

  4. Rigmor says:

    Tobey Maguire would be perfect for the role

  5. r knuckleberry says:


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