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• 11.26.12 09:33 am

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5wipes: dear god I hate this frikin song!! Every1 who like this song is gay exempt for my family!

jurriann: you my friend. have no respect in different cultures. @5wipes please kys

jurriann: and I am not gay. and neither is my family sorry to disappoint. just because people like something doesn’t make them gay bitch @5wipes

5wipes: I will have u know @jurriann that in my country we share two cultures English and moari so yea and I hate this song and I didn’t put that’s every1 who likes this song is gay that was my frien on my account do I happy bout that?!

jurriann: well your country doesn’t seem to reflect on you. and ofcourse excuses. @5wipes

5wipes: Yea neither does urs

5wipes: @jurriann don’t have a come back do u our r u to busy crying coz u know I won?

5wipes: And btw I am not being ‘mean’ bout ur culture but i am just saying I hate this song coz I don’t like it fag

jurriann: what did you win? I live in America, one of the most diverse countries, culturally. honestly you sound like you’re 12. which you probably are. you know nothing of this world and you’re too immature to understand anything. Korea is only half of my heritage. you have a right to your own opinion, but honestly. you did say anyone who liked the song is gay. I could care less if you think you’re being “mean.” that was like the cutest thing I’ve ever heard ha. Korea and America are one of the greatest nations in the world. so don’t be a cunt.. and you’re stupid. I would never cry over some stupid little girl/boy over ig. an I don’t need to have a come back. I’ll just tell you how you’re stupid. and how I don’t give a FUCK. ✌ @5wipes

5wipes: Actually i am 11 so yea and im not the cunt u r and I don’t give a fuck bout America or Korea

5wipes: @jurriann and just coz America has tall buildings and the hollywood sign it doesn’t mean it is the best country!

jurriann: little girl. I said they’re ONE of the best. meaning there are more just as great. & yes. ofcourse you don’t care. your 11. you know nothing. so shut the fuck up and read a book or two.

rosso_rosky: @5wipes you are totally right. Don’t be afraid of saying truth babe – who ever listen to this song are gays or sisi girls. Btw America is one of the most corrupted country, 63% of Americans are born without knowing who is their real dad ((Busters)). America has the biggest % of HIV /// AIDS. America has the biggest record in crime world. America has the worst family relationship. You are 11 years old but much mature then some other sisi girls if u get what I mean ;p

5wipes: Thanks

rylee042004: I love that song to

  1. rob-omb says:

    Can we have ‘Street Boners’ back now pretty please? Jesus H Christ on a crutch….

  2. Anonymous says:

    Heinz ketchup is not as good as Hunt’s…but I’ll be damned if I’m gonna eat my French fries without ketchup.

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