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• 11.29.12 10:32 am

scaryperry818 Someday I will be in shape like this again!!! Oh oh ohhhhhh! #scaryperry #bigthree #windycityheat #gym #muscles #trim #fedora

timchizmar: HAPPY BIRFDAY!!!! 49 *wink wink… Dog Bless you crackhead!!!! Windy City Heat 2

timchizmar: U lied about donating to the RedCross? *shakes head…

dubbledamnit: Better get back on your beloved rock hard cocaine, or maybe ask Mole how you can get started on the HN diet?

scaryperry818: @timchizmar it was a prank!

scaryperry818: @dubbledamnit I will NEVER do CRACK again!!!!

dubbledamnit: Good for you Perry. If you were to quit the Javahoes, maybe you could get a job at the mall as Santa for the season. Little bit of cash and a bunch of kids sitting on your lap, win win.

timchizmar: Lies are not pranks. I’m ashamed of u.

  1. Apparently Eddie Money fans finally discovered ageless male.

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