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• 12.06.12 10:45 am

jessicapuss I would kill to be back in that bed right now. So tired

  1. raymi says:

    Ballsy choices made here.

  2. I hate when people say, “you’re going to regret getting that later,” but in this case, you’re going to regret getting that later.

  3. corey says:

    she should scrub all those marker drawings off before she gets into bed or she will ruin her sheets

  4. reo speedwagon in converse says:

    fucked for life

  5. Kennedy says:

    So wise, this one.

  6. Sniffy says:

    Wondering if this is sniffable? Strangely attracted and scared at the same time. What to do…

  7. Anonymous says:

    This is the kind of chick who posts pics of herself captioned “Ugh I’m so fat!” She reminds me of Raymi…

  8. humph says:

    fools this is cool if you haven’t adopted a who cares you’re going to die soon attitude you’re slow

  9. chris says:

    its like she passed out at a party Rip Van Winkle style, woke up, and everything was permanent.

  10. Nigel Cavendish says:

    Every time I look at it, she keeps getting worse.

  11. brideshead says:

    I’m down with everything but the face ones. Even I have my limits.

  12. Dabney says:

    Can only imagine what’s going on at the hoo-ha

  13. raymes says:

    she’s fuckin cute tho

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