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• 12.14.12 09:31 am

  1. pfft says:

    i thought lesley was sober?

  2. raymi says:

    my life sucks

  3. humph says:

    fashionable bathing suits for girls that are not going swimming, hooya. hope this trend doesn’t take so long to radiate out of NYLA

  4. Gazmort says:

    Disgusting. Smoke ’em up girls! The cocks are waiting!

    Let me guess, you pack obscure french philosophy novels around town in the hopes that someone notices what you’re “reading”, right?


  5. Mr. Practicality says:

    Hey, if smoker breath gets to you, just flip ’em around and go in the back door.

  6. Turds before words says:

    So two-thousand and late.

  7. chris says:

    Fuck it, I have a boner.

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