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• 12.20.12 11:57 am

drivenbyboredom I meant to post this two hours ago… @shootpeople_

  1. chris says:


  2. Thumbscrews says:

    How do you have a pack of hot dogs on your back and no ass to speak of?

  3. Sniffy says:

    Where’s the face that’s supposed to be buried in there?

  4. Seattle Snow says:

    She is cool, don’t be a hater and stop taking life to serious.

  5. jim rips says:


  6. Average girl says:

    When I read comments like “MARRY” or “I AM IN LOVE” about a standard issue girl like this, I’m so happy that heterosexual guys basically find everything with tits and a smile hot.

  7. Marvon says:

    she is pretty.

  8. TomSawyer says:

    I’d need a look at her mom to see if she’ll age well.

  9. Huck Finn says:

    agreed. but either way, she looks good now

  10. Ecgtheow says:

    Tits and a smile is half the battle. (Don’t forget ass.) Essentially, it boils down to, “Will I tire of fucking this chick for 30 years?” The answer is almost always yes. My answer for the one pictured above is no.

  11. Ring Kodney says:

    30 years? try 30 minutes,s0n. That’s a smash and dash.

  12. Ecgtheow says:

    To each his own boner.

  13. jim rips says:

    she is seriously something else and she looks cool. thumbs up.

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