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• 12.27.12 10:22 am

thegavin2000 The relentless audacity of my gay neighbors upstate.

thegavin2000: There’s a cabin behind it called, “Sticket Inn: The Rear.” Not kidding.

honorebelmel: Mr. & Mr. Stickett

  1. Robbie Dillon says:

    There was a candle-maker behind a garage in my neighbourhood when I was a kid. He had a sign out by the street that read: Jack Wax in the back.

  2. raymi says:

    Gotta love that upstate/anywhere remote humour.

  3. Squizzlybear says:

    There’s a clarifying blur around the sign.
    In case you have trouble spotting it (as I did), look for the center of the photo where the blur is absent.

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