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• 01.03.13 02:37 pm

lesleyarfin Me and @amykellner at The Hole circa 02. McGinley was trying to capture the couple laying on the couch. #tbt #shortsandheels?

touchmagic: Ha im on my friends lap

thegavin2000: I remember that night. Wasn’t he eating her out?

lesleyarfin: @thegavin2000 fingering

timobarber: @lesleyarfin @thegavin2000 he was aggressively, violently fingering her for so long. We all took turns posing near them.

thegavin2000: @timbarber OH YEAH! And they didn’t even give a shit. They were in their own horny little world.

  1. raymi says:

    Quit fingerbanging my heart.

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