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• 01.16.13 11:28 am

prawn_star Tokkie is your mirror. Its amazing. People who see beauty in this child are very obviously Godly and creative and fully awake. People who say nasty things about our little homie are creatively dead. Shit. Imagine never really waking up ever. Every moment of your meaningless blur of a life: a dull-ass, no-flavour-having wack attack. Kill yourself.

  1. zigmundroid says:

    He is one of the ugliest dudes I have seen, but his smile is the best.

    That kind of happy, people would kill for.


  2. George Eliot says:

    What’s the back story for this guy? Is he a kid or an old man?

  3. r knuckleberry says:

    Wait. So, I can’t “See the beauty in this child” AND “Say nasty things”? Screw you. You are the one using pictures of a funny looking person to get yourself noticed. Fuck.

  4. - says:

    why do his teeth look that way? is he healthy? he looks like a great kid, i’m just concerned.

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