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• 02.28.13 10:59 am

brendan_donnelly┬áCan’t tell what’s worse…his 8 gauge plugs or his 8 year presidency.

  1. raymi says:

    That is so good.

  2. meh says:

    8 gauge is 3.5 mm. Those are way an inch, therefore the 8 gauge/8 year thing is a non-joke.

  3. CJ says:

    I would call meh a dick, but I just did the same thing on another post.
    Pretty bad photoshop on the mustache. It looks like a Dirty Sanchez.

  4. ukash says:

    hahahhha it is good :)

  5. Chapter After says:

    Right, because that last guy was sooooo awesome

  6. Ecgtheow says:

    Well it’s this guy emulating the last guy, only in excess. The last guy praised freedom in the face of criticism, this guy says fuck you while silently pondering ways to imprison you.

  7. Northern Radio says:

    That’s where the Whitehouse napkin rings went haw haw.

  8. Sucka Free says:

    Well we can tell who’s black and who’s white from the comments … ha. Ppl will never learn. Doesn’t matter who’s in office, unless you have the BALLS or some amount of knowledge to run for office, get over it.

  9. :)) so good super

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