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• 04.16.13 09:43 am

alissa_brunelli So so so excited my set of the mega fox @hellcatx is finally in MR on @suicidegirls! I’m so stoked I got to shoot this babes debut set! Go check her out ASAP! #suicidegirls

  1. raymi says:

    She does pale well.

  2. Ecgtheow says:

    Damn. Wish I was interesting enough for her.

  3. unclaimed smegma says:

    Straight cut bangs are the worst. Yes, I can see them over the rest of her considerable charms. That’s how bad straight bangs are.

    She is truly lovely, otherwise, though. Can’t wait until the straight bangs fad is over.

  4. red knuckleberry says:

    Fuck! It’s so unfair that Italians aren’t human!!

  5. Fallon says:

    awesome. oh, suicide girls.

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