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syrianpresidency Congratulations to Walaa Azi from Hassakeh for scoring the highest mark in the Business National Baccalaureate 2013. #Syria #Asma #Assad#سورية #الأسد #الاسد #أسماء

umitcrp: Dont give up the fight….you must be role model for first ladys in islamic countrys

the_musti: ugly motherfuckin bitch

vituslovestills: From California we send you all the love bit my friends as the beatles sayn is all you need. If that were true then talk and straighten this out. So people don’t have to get involved. We waited til the late rounds of WWII and millions died… We learn from the past its not perfect but just letting thousands die well that’s not the world as a patriot I live in. Nor will American which we decide years ago… needs to be what it needs to be… fix your shit so someone out side your world doesn’t have too. This is.a planet full of worlds and views. Make your peace with it and we can move into thennext phase of life

komuni: Mr. basyar al assad. May God always protects you from all the slander and evil Antichrist. United States, Turkey, France, saudi Arabia, israel, the United Kingdom. And the Western Nations that they could rule only on Earth. But in the realms of the grave, they will experience a very painful torment. Because they provoke, making crime, spreading slander about yourselves, causing much suffering and death. Whereas the results of the war only makes them will be satisfied for a bit and will suffer the longest. Before dying again they will be tortured and attacked with various diseases, such as cancer, blind, deaf, etc., even diseases that will torment them until they are dead to the point of tens of years. And will enter new round again for being tortured in the grave. And will be eternal in it.

  1. Basyar al Assad says:

    Life’s a gas!

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