civ It’s that time of year again! From BNB productions the people who bring you the sweatiest weekend of your life. Tickets on sale at Lotus Tattoo come get em

thegavin2000: Remember when “Emo” meant Dag Nasty?


thegavin2000 #MickeyRat #PancakeMorning

armst: Ha! Sending that to my dad for sure

thegavin2000: @armst Holy shit! Are you Robert Armstrong’s daughter? I interviewed him a million years ago for Vice. He taught me the concept of being too old to party and moving on to the next phase of life. What’s he been up to? Haven’t heard hide nor hair of him for years (besides that band he’s in).

armst: @thegavin2000 he’s doing great! Just hanging out in Northern California, playing music at his neighborhood brewery often. His response to your pancake: “Disturbing yet seemingly delicious!”


rubyaldridgefake Crazy bird lady caught feeding her children … Taken by the very rad @ed.templeton #tbt