thegavin2000 #JeffKoons makes me jealous.

damhave: @thegavin2000 Koons is the CarrotTop of fine art. Take that as you will.

brendan_donnelly: ^

lousyleo: Carrot top is bummed right now

babyleg: @damhave @lousyleo zinggggggg


themagdalenaexperience Some of the most beautiful and knowledgable experiences of my life have taken place whilst living on this legendary boat the last 2 weeks with these two incredible women. Thank you for the magic carpet ride across the Mediterranean. It will never be forgotten! @ariellepytka@sachapytka @sisterislands #thedroneexperience by @pamananian#theexperiencevol1 #altair1931 #nextstopnashville



thegavin2000 I hate missing the beginning of movies but I’d feel pretty confident going to get some popcorn after these credits start.



creepstreet Rock ‘n’ Roll All Night Long! Interested in shooting with moi? Hit the batline at if ya wanna make some photo magic.  Boston this weekend & back home in NYC the entire week after.  Let’s get creepy!  #creepettes