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John Pittsley
• 10.05.15 12:24 pm


As with everything, people are only looking at the negatives with the recent “school shooting” in Oregon. The only reason I put ‘school shooting’ in quotes is because the victims, this particular psycho chose to send to heaven, were from a community college. Not a high school or middle school, like the phrase implies. But we, here at Street Carnage, like to look at the brighter side of things. MORE»

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• 10.02.15 02:53 pm

When we had Sam on the show he seemed preoccupied and now we see why. The media is doing a bang up job of reporting on this and we hope to get him back on the show to discuss if he ever gets out of prison.  MORE»

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• 10.02.15 02:25 pm


I quite booze for lent and it’s easy peazy. Sure, you’re a little grumpier than usual and you end up eating tons of candy because your body’s missing the sugar but it’s just not doing a thing that you used to do. #NoWanks was a little more difficult but there are so many benefits, it drives you away from porn.  MORE»

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• 10.02.15 02:11 pm

How’s it goin’ eh? Drunk History is a funny show that makes historical figures look wasted, but here’s the deal: they were. MORE»

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Evan Hatcher
• 10.02.15 10:35 am


I don’t own a gun but I think you should probably have one. You, as in you personally, reading this. Not you in general. I will deliver it personally to your house. Leave $150 dollars in the gutter of the Taco Bell off of Como. MORE»

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• 10.01.15 01:42 pm

William Randolph Hearst and Perry’s publicist will be in studio. We are going to go through the entire history of The Perry Project and Windy City Heat so this will be a great primer if you have no idea what I’m talking about.  MORE»


thegavin2000 So fucking true. Oh wait, I’m doing it too.



jimgoad This guy might be a little too evil for me.



idiotsivan Check out my cameo on #DrunkHistory tonight as THE Barbara Walters. (I’m sorry Barbara)



throatknife What could possibly be fraudulent about this chick?