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Living on the streets in NYC in the 70s and 80s was hardcore but being hardcore back then was punk rock.  MORE»

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Back when George Michael was hawking Diet Coke, Bill Hicks asked, “When did we start listening to prepubescent white girls?”  MORE»

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Back in 1999, it would be pretty easy to explain America to a Martian: It’s kind of like the forefathers laid out with a few more weirdoes but check out this song by Prince and let’s go get wasted.  MORE»

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John Pittsley
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It’s perfectly natural for people to get caught up in their personal preferences and become snobs with certain things. We all do it to some extent. Some do it with more ridiculous shit than others but most people do it with their actual shit and in doing so, deny themselves the opportunity to enjoy life to its fullest. MORE»

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Evan Hatcher
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So, I woke up yesterday to read that a kid in Cleveland has been suspended for winning a staring contest. I have on my hands a breaking-point, critical-mass level of absurdissimum political correctness and anti-rape culture hysteria. No one can read about this and not roll their eyes and sigh in contempt. MORE»

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HJ Fountain
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Every time I read Joseph Conrad’s, Heart of Darkness, I become increasingly aware of the problematic nature of the work. It is “Eurocentric.” It is written in a way in which colonialism is both benevolent, yet positioned as superior in the Dark Continent of Africa. For years, mostly white Progressives have sought to ban the text or at least use it to confirm suspicions of those who consider the prose valuable to the Western canon as racists. MORE»


sleafordmodsofficial Mark Wynn and Steve Ignorant. Legez.



thegavin2000 So fucking true. Oh wait, I’m doing it too.



jimgoad This guy might be a little too evil for me.



idiotsivan Check out my cameo on #DrunkHistory tonight as THE Barbara Walters. (I’m sorry Barbara)