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• 04.24.14 12:23 pm


Dana Loesch is in shit for not vilifying Cliven Bundy for saying some things about “the negro.” He posed a controversial question and instead of crucifying him, she said he’s not media savvy. How dare she? MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 04.24.14 10:32 am

“Hey guys! A reminder about me and my gender: I’m transgender and will soon be beginning my physical transition. My pronouns are he/him, my name is Jobi*, not Joanna, and my clothes do not determine my gender. If anyone has questions you can feel free to message me!” MORE»

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• 04.23.14 09:25 pm

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My dream is to one day open a bar called Dad’s. It will have no TV, no music, no fancy drinks, and, well, you can’t say “no women” but you can make the women’s bathrooms way down in the basement where it’s freezing.  MORE»

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Tom Brennan
• 04.22.14 11:10 am

Perry Caravello is truly a creature of habit. He finds comfort in his deep-rooted patterns of regularity. Anything that deviates from these patterns is met with stern resistance as change is quite inconvenient for Perry. Psychological studies tell us that the very anatomy of change is not determined by one’s surroundings but one’s inherent mindset. Perry is a unique case. For him, it’s both. MORE»

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Neil deGrasse Tyson is quickly going from the cutest astrophysicist in the universe to a colossal bore.  MORE»

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I want women to be housewives because I see what they replaced it with and it sucks. They’re miserable. This is why I keep telling young women to have kids. I’m friends with old women and they all regret waiting.  MORE»


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