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Evan Hatcher
• 05.02.16 11:23 am


One of the best things about the left is how effectively they produce propaganda against themselves. The average center-left American will chuckle with learned class superiority when they see a heavily edited video of a white Trump supporter, but even they feel a twinge of uncertainty when they see a video like that which Infowars debuted recently. MORE»

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Adam Zalewski
• 04.30.16 11:56 am

Has something you’ve seen on your TV screen ever made you feel like smashing the shit out of it? It’s rare and most of the time, the urge passes. You stop, take a breath and relax – a shot of some alcoholic drink doesn’t do any harm in this situation either. MORE»

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Street Carnage
• 04.30.16 11:26 am

The same people who are bothered by the plethora of modern hipsters will brag to their friends about the new “whole carcass” butcher shop they found down the street where they buy heritage pork, or the craft whiskey bar around the corner that makes a darned good Old Fashioned. MORE»

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• 04.29.16 05:07 pm

The problem with “The Jew Problem” is anti-semites assume all Jews are on the same page. Even in Tel Aviv you have normal Jews writing hate speech columns about “The zionists.” They are their own worst enemy in many ways. The same goes with the right.  MORE»

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• 04.29.16 11:11 am


I’m not big on vacations. I don’t like sitting on the beach in the hot sun and just doing nothing but cook. What am I, a fucking potato?  MORE»

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• 04.28.16 04:16 pm

It’s hard to get toddlers to sit and eat their dinner. So hard, in fact, I propose giving up.  MORE»


langleyfox New life as a Cuban taxi driver working out well #droppingthekidsoffatthepool #chanelcruisecuba



sashita_bonita Sunday morning tell me how you really feel ~



pythonpaige Having a fun time on vacation! 🌴 Hoping to see some snakes while I’m here. But I couldn’t get up early enough this morning haha. #sanibelisland



pursenboots leaving new york with no voice, no sleep, and no photos (also this was💯someone’s coachella “outfit”)